You’ve been warned

A night in Morecambe before the ferry sails to the Isle of Man. What a wonderful life, as Eric would say. But then he didn’t have to contend with the WiFi in the Newport Spoons.

Morecambe gave me the chance to visit a real outlier, the Ship in Overton. No, I’d never heard of it either. It reminds me of those little Essex villages in the marshland north of Maldon.


From the seating in the porch onward, it’s a Proper Pub gem.

Ooh look, proper seating
Pub and art gallery

The bar is the architectural highlight, but the welcome is the key. I can even forgive it the “taster board”. Obviously I went for the very decent Lancaster Blonde.

Aargh – flights

Blokes talked football (proper football, not that groundhopping stuff), and a chatty Landlord seemed to be competing with that Old Swan guy for Guvnor of the month.

It’s a model village pub, but frankly it’s the coastline that is absolutely magical.

River Lune

The hour long walk takes you past an ancient church, scary sheep, and scarier fisherman.

The views over to Glasson are quite magical, and poorly captured here.

Shut the door

The most peaceful hour of the week. All would change back in Morecambe.

10 thoughts on “OVER THE MOON IN OVERTON

  1. Thank you! I live 50 yards from The Ship and it’s an absolute gem. Life line for a very out of the way village and well worth a visit. Always 4 cask ales and no cooking lager – you managed to visit the night before the beer festival so calm before the storm.

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      1. Shame you couldn’t stay longer, it is a great village pub and the beer festival was good as well – 10 beers and only a couple I didn’t like!

        However, it is ideal country for those of you that like a good walk…I’ll take the bus (or more likely be chauffeured around the place!)

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  2. “Ooh look, proper seating”

    Hang on, I saw that photo somewhere else in the past few days. 🤔


    Pfft. Only if at least one of them is wearing a flat cap. 😉

    “Obviously I went for the very decent Lancaster Blonde.”

    That was the beer and not the barmaid, yes? 😋

    “takes you past an ancient church, scary sheep, and scarier fisherman.”

    Hopefully the fishermen* weren’t scarier because they were right behind the sheep as it were. 😌
    (or is that only in Scotland?) 😋

    “All would change back in Morecambe.”

    I’m not sure that’s a *cough* ‘wise’ move. 😉


    * I doubled up and indicated a possible spelling faux pas at the same time. 😎


    1. Yes, I used that photo in the Pear Tree by accident and offered A GREAT PRIZE to anyone spotted it. Andrew who lives in Overton spotted the error.

      This is a very deep set of comments, Russ, you’re in form. Don’t miss BRAPA’s Rochdale classic post.

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  3. I don’t know that Ship but one can go to a pub that’s “an absolute gem” and think that it shouldn’t be too difficult to get everything right yet so very very few pubs do.


  4. Love that photo of the porch area. Reminds me a bit of tiny room at the front of The Castle in Macclesfield; is that the same sort of thing? Nowhere to sit, as I recall, but a similarly narrow space just off the street.


  5. Flights of beer are, of course, only allowed in brewpubs; thus you have the ability to try more than one for a reasonable price prior to writing off the establishment as merely producing third-rate homebrew.

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