So England missed their big chance to be humiliated by France, what they call “Le blessing en disguis“.

I was too tired to watch it with the Beer and Pub “lads”, and my BLOC room is windowless so I actually fell asleep in the second half.

Just before the final whistle I rushed across to Burning Soul Brew Tap, opened especially outside their normal problematic hours.

They were closed. Probably just as well. But you know how I love homebrew on industrial estates.

BLOC is a decent budget hotel; the lack of light meant I slept past 9am, woken only by sudden hunger.

The Soda Bread cafe opposite St Pauls is a Brummie gem, with one of the best Eggs Benedicts of the year (I have a list).

Hollandaise sauce in there somewhere

They even had the Black Country finest in bottles, presumably not for breakfast but I’ve had worse ideas.

Breakfast beer

The walk back to collect my car from Digbeth showed little sign of Wednesday’s traumas.

Though Bristol St looked a little sad.

Anyway, a great day in Digbeth. But would I leave my car there overnight again.

Probably not.


  1. I didn’t realise you were staying not a five minute walk from the Hen and Chickens on Constitution Hill with its heritage interior, although you might have seen enough of them that day, lovely Indian food and, when there in December, Palmers Tally Ho which saved me a small fortune in train fares to Dorset and back.


  2. Doesn’t look like Eggs Benedict – where’s the hollandaise?! It’s a shame you missed the industrial estate homebrew. There’s two a few hundred yards apart not far from the Tynemouth Lodge. Three Kings is good but Flash House that has a bar is your definition of overrated homebrew.


  3. Bristol St is being knocked down – so to speak – and they are building a whole host of houses/apartments where the garage area was just before the traffic lights…hopefully that should breathe a bit of life back into a neglected part of the city. Great little cafe by the sound/look of it.


  4. “But you know how I love homebrew on industrial estates.”

    Is that just basically large storage lockers?

    “with one of the best Eggs Benedicts of the year”

    It certainly looks it.

    “showed little sign of Wednesday’s traumas.”

    To be fair, it does add a little colour to the, um, work of art.

    “Though Bristol St looked a little sad.”

    Talk about something that could use a little colour.

    “Probably not.”

    I do believe my brother is picking up a vehicle just like that in Belgium this week.



  5. Those bottles of Bathams reminds me that Bathams Best Bitter was a guest beer early this evening at the Swan at Whiston where my wife wanted to go for a meal. I had been at the Stafford Beer Festival until 4.30pm and have got Hebden Bridge tomorrow but it’s such a rarity that I couldn’t possibly have less than three pints of it. and just about everyone else was drinking Bathams.

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