A bonus post for pub tickers sworn to the rules of GBG completion.  “Never shalt ye returneth to a pub once cask hath been drank and pink marker applied“.

But if I’d gone straight back to the campervan I’d have had to talk about politics or conservatories with Mrs RM, and the Germans were a goal down to the Swedes at half-time, so I succumbed to a return visit to the Coach & Horses.

new bazaar

When a pub bothers to put on Draught Bass it’s only fair you should pop back for a second pint.

Hope Ian has updated his Bass Directory

Yes, there were plenty of glasses with a big red T on them, but also a fair few with this;Image result for red triangle

Which meant the Bass was again Drinking Very Well (NBSS 3.5), as we Bass bores say.

More importantly, the pubs had folk from across the age range, which is the mark of a good pub. Like me, they celebrated the German winner wildly, as you can see below.

Scenes !

That should have been that. But I hadn’t been sure about the Tam O’Shanter, as Mrs RM had picked the soulless* middle room on our afternoon visit AND drank the half herself.

This time I asked the nice man for a recommendation, and took my pint of Sulwath out into the smoking area to absorb the character.


Smokers (not me) have more fun, I’ll tell you that. I joined in chat about Berlin and bratwurst with some locals, enjoyed a soundtrack stretching from 1967 to, er, 1968 (Mr Tambourine Man), and noted some classic lines.

Eggs are just whole boneless skinless chickens, y’know

Some wonderful art too.


Actually, the Sulwath was on the turn so I left it, but the Broughton Proper IPA was just wonderful (NBSS 4.5), so what can it all mean ?

Dumfries has pub magic, even if the cask ale lottery has higher odds against you than you’d hope for.


*So soulless they were showing mid-2000 U2 live on the telly.


  1. Interesting comment that about the Tennents and Bass glasses. Commensurate with my theory that, generally, if a pub is full of branded glasses then they are the brands from multi-nationals. Obviously doesn’t follow for Adnams & Suffolk, but the exception, they don’t realise the world continues past the county boarder, proves the rule.

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  2. Richard,
    Then maybe another exception to prove your rule in the Paul Pry in Worcester which last Saturday was full of Popes Brewery glasses, the brewery actually being in the pub – but the oversized and lined glasses had originally been used at the CAMRA beer festival on the other side of the glass.


  3. “Eggs are just whole boneless skinless chickens, y’know”
    You only get these deep philosophical insights when alcohol is involved. Brilliant.

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  4. “When a pub bothers to put on Draught Bass it’s only fair you should pop back for a second pint.”

    Forgive for asking this again, but is it Bass with a short ‘a’ or a long ‘a’ (i.e. Base)?

    I ask because I’ve been rewatching Michael Jackson’s Beer Hunter series (I do that about once a year) and in episode 2 – Best of British – Michael pronounces it as Bass with a short ‘a’ (like the fish) twice.*


    * – at around 3:05 and again at 6:22


    1. I think that, more than the beer range or furniture, the range of music played tells you more about a pub than anything (unless the junior member of staff is playing their Drake download in a Sam Smiths). Simon always picks up on that aspect too.

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