When I first started writing this blog someone wrote a comment along the lines of “If you dislike pubs so much why don’t you sit at home and watch Bargain Hunt you old codger”.  If they’re still reading this blog,.. (no, of course she’s not still reading it).

Anyway, the point I made then is that this blog is more about travel and people than buildings and beer, and the investment is worth every penny.

Even in terrifyingly expensive Billingshurst, home of some picturesque pubs and a very cluttered OS extract.

Ye Olde Englande
Small blob, medium blob, big blob (that’s Crawley)

For the benefit of BRAPA, think of Billingshurst as the Ampthill of West Sussex, cocking a snoot at Bedford with its takeaways and fun, happy in its chintzy isolation (except here you don’t have to travel to a place like Flitwick to commute to London).

I hadn’t obviously been before, but anyone who’s been to an upmarket Essex town just off the M11 (Epping, Ongar) will feel they have.  Fashion boutiques, cafes, curry, and a Sainsbury local to decimate the local independent trade.

Pevsner would call the scene from the Six Bells “pleasing“.

Church on a hill
£1m cottages

The look that the horsey people gave me as I waited for them to walk down St Mary’s Close to their pashmina parlour was priceless (why do Southerners walk so slowly ?).

Real people can still be found in the King’s Head (not to be confused with his Arms just up the road).


As 23.7% of all comments on my blog relate to now defunct brewery livery, here’s Barringtons, no doubt the Wiper & True of its day.  Or a Charringtons rip-off.

Barringtons ?

The King’s Head is your typical “boozer in a smart small town“.


Small town, locals boozer, Six Old Boys drinking lager at the bar (don’t blame THEM), so that’ll be eight hand pumps then.

Hoorah for choice !

I was clearly overcome with emotion at the choice that CAMRA have won for us in 2018, as my next photo competes with BRAPA for shakiest for the year.

A retiredmartin art shot

This next shot  is better, you can even see the carbonation in the Dark Star Hophead, which was undrinkable in a thin and sour (NBSS 1.5).  Why’d you imagine that could be ? A change of recipe now Dark Star has been acquired by The Man ?  Nope.

Little tell tale bubbles

£2.15 a half too. More than a pint of comforting Sam Smiths Stout in a gorgeous Cheshire pub of your choice.


“Just like the Old Days last night”

“‘ee’s clearly not fit”

“That ‘arry Kane, ‘ees all right”

Nope. No idea what they were talking about.  I was watching Columbia v Japan on one of the TVs.


The Good Beer Guide really needs a little symbol for indoor foliage so you know you’ll have somewhere to pour your undrunk beers away surreptitiously.

Oh, and before you ask about taking it back,  it’s not my job to test their beers.



      1. There are also a lot of nice 16th century timber framed buildings in the area for anyone who is interested in the history of vernacular architecture. I can’t say I have remembered any particular pub from the area.

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      2. I’m visiting the 4,500 pubs in the Good Beer Guide, of which 150 odd are in Sussex. Opening hours, cheap B&Bs and public transport dictate the route, more than common sense !

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      3. i don’t know if you know but one interesting thing about the area is the transhumance seasonal routes between the coastal areas and the Weald? Disperssed holdings once came under the same ownership and even the names of settlements reflect this. So I think both W. Chiltington and Billingshurst were once Manor of Ferring? Broadbridge Heath in Horsham was once part of Sullington Manor etc.


    1. I was just about to point that out 😛

      I think Martin is just too young to remember proper money.

      The Six Bells used to be a lovely little unspoilt King & Barnes pub. It won’t be now, of course.

      “Cocking a snoot”? Are you finding as many different ways as possible to wind us pedants up?

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  1. Interesting comment from that woman. Not sure wanting more from pubs comes through as not liking pubs. Most of you guys are critical of pubs in the hope they survive. I have never taken these blogs the way she did.


    1. (I think I may have been complaining about Prosecco and pashminas and people who dither rather than the beer 😱 )

      But right, love all pubs. Except that club in Maidenhead).


  2. Ye Olde Englande”

    Your picture does it justice. It’s luverly.

    “Small blob, medium blob, big blob”

    It’s too bloody small blobby for me to comment on. 😉

    “cocking a snoot”

    I forget; it’s that the proper term now? I’m confused as Mudgie’s (?) interjection in an earlier post. 🙂

    “(why do Southerners walk so slowly ?).”

    Argh, don’t get me started. Spent two hours this morning shopping at various stores for my wife’s food truck (now that she’s away for two weeks). Everyone seemed to be afflicted with the Zombie slow disease. 🙂

    “(not to be confused with his Arms just up the road).”

    (slow golf clap)

    Oh and I like how the gent outside wearing what appears to be sandals, not only has socks on, but socks that go up almost to his bum! 🙂

    “A retiredmartin art shot”

    Apart from the shakiness, what were you trying to take a photo of exactly?

    “in a thin and sour (NBSS 1.5).”

    Ugh. 😦

    “£2.15 a half too.”

    Double ugh.

    “The Good Beer Guide really needs a little symbol for indoor foliage so you know you’ll have somewhere to pour your undrunk beers away surreptitiously.”

    I would have to agree good sir. 🙂



    1. I’m not sure “cock a snoot” is Queen’s English so I feel entitled to use whatever variation I like. Ha Ha.

      I was trying to take an art shot with folk out of focus but failed !


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