Weird name, great place.

I’d be wanting to visit the famous “Goth” since  it was refurbished a few years back, and really ought to have done it from Musselburgh last year.  But it pops in and out of the Beer Guide, and I just forgot (you’ll be amazed to know).


There’s some gorgeous houses by the station, and in the absence of a waiting area some good brewerania too.


Prestonpans is, if I’m fair, the less glamorous sibling of Musselburgh and North Berwick, but makes up for lack of sand with energetic art and some craggy, smelly rocks.

Proper seaside
Mind your head

The Goth dominates the village strung out along the High Street, though it may not be clear why from the outside.

Inside all is revealed.  There’s more to stare at here here than in your average National Trust pile in Devon.  Read Duncan’s post on Gothenburgs to find out more.

From Mackintosh clock,

to ceiling

to classic bench seating, it’s stunning but still functional.

But stuff all that.  It’s a pub for the whole village, and like the nearby Dean it was incredibly pubby, particularly for a Scottish village. You’d think they’d need a big food trade to heat a place like this, but you wouldn’t know it.  All the custom early afternoon was OAP drinkers and a few other curious visitors.

I was expecting to be let down by a cheap and potent homebrew, but in the best customs of Helston’s Blue Anchor, it was tremendous.  I wouldn’t have known it was homebrew.

Go to marvel, go for the beer, go for a pub at the heart of the community.

Oh, and bye bye Lothians…




  1. Great pics of a really interesting place. The local brew has had something of a chequered history so good to know it’s back on song. Well done on yet another completion.


  2. Oh my goodness,what a gorgeous pub.
    Is the painting a faithful recording of that time Mudgie ( front,centre ) got pissed on the outing ?
    Or just the reaction to LifeAfterFootball recounting yet again the time he scored that last-minute header to seal the double over Dagenham&Redbridge ?


  3. Amazing place – so much so that you didn’t even have to mention Nobby’s Nuts…

    The only thing that troubles me about that mural – is that I’m sure that’s a pint of Fosters on the edge of he table…

    Good job the toilets are shown on the plan – could take some finding otherwise…

    Congratulations on completing the Lothians…

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      1. I don’t acually live, I have just developed a coffin with blog viewing capabilities, inspired by the coffin fitted with a fax machine in Escape from Victory.

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    1. It should be on your list, Dick and Dave. Quite hard to capture on camera. Trying to think of comparable English pub and (oddly) thinking Cittie of Yorke, in style though not shape.


  4. Brewing ceased at Prestonpans in March 1962 after Fowlers had been acquired by part of what was to become Bass Charrington.
    The “FOWLER’S THE STRONG ALE” continued after 1962 and I remember third pint bottles of ‘Fowlers Wee Heavy’ in some Scottish pubs during the mid 1970s.

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  5. “Mind your head”

    I can see why the rocks might be smelly. 🙂

    “I wouldn’t have known it was homebrew.”

    Kentwood Brewing took it over a few years ago apparently and brew a number of beers on site.

    “Go to marvel, go for the beer, go for a pub at the heart of the community.”

    Looks very good on Streetview. Can patrons go upstairs and get a table by the windows with a view of the sea?


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