Oh look, here’s a place you’ll have heard of (though there’s folk in our village who would place Edinburgh just above York on the map if asked). It’s the home of the little cricket team that just beat England, their Gaetjens moment if you like

Our target Monty’s circled centre left at Haymarket

Edinburgh is an essential annual visit, outside August anyway; one of the great places for urban walking and pub refreshment.

There’s some pubs up that hill

In late May it was overflowing with Japanese tour groups visiting the latest craft beer bars and other minor tourist attractions like these at Haymarket.

Mr Younger

Haymarket is an underappreciated area of the city, containing one of the all-time accommodation bargains in the Travelodge, particularly if you bag the spacious family room for £29.  Plenty of good food here, including a post-beer breakfast salad bowl at the improbably named Bite Me.

Not far from the autovac joy of Thomson’s Bar, Monty’s is yet another little gem.


20 years ago it would have been Deuchars and 80/, now you get this craft feast;

Too much ! Too much !

Look how far we’ve come ! (?)

Good range there on the shiny bar

Being old I can ask for advice at noon, and the very knowledgeable beer lady enthused about the Tempest, brewed just yards from where Mrs RM alights from her train.

Just wait

I’ll top that up for you !”


Lovely service, decent beer (NBSS 3), and a two storey place with loads of potential to walk up and down stairs looking for photo opportunities.

Aerial shot

Eventually I found a table I liked best, with a great view through the large bay windows to No.1 Kebab across the road.


No banter though, as I remained the only punter for 15 minutes.  It seems a night-time venue, though you’ll rarely find an Edinburgh pub that doesn’t open at lunchtime.

But as compensation, I had the joys of “Cum on feel the noise” and “The Number of the Beast“, at decent volume, all to myself.

And 20 minutes to spare walking up and down the closes off the Royal Mile before the train to Prestonpans.

Yum Yum ahead, Monty’s behind
Halfway House

One more to go in the Lothians, and it’s an (official) classic.






      1. Scott,
        It’s just a few minutes round the corner from Glasgow Central to my favourite Scottish pub the Laurieston.


  1. Agree about Waverley -took us ages to find the exit ! Had short holiday there last year -some excellent pubs from GBG but found some to be London prices -capital city/tourist trap I suppose

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Our target Monty’s circled centre left at Haymarket”

    Since it’s Scotland I shan’t make fun of any of the names on the map. 😉

    “Good range there on the shiny bar”

    Hang on. Does your saying ‘one beer’s enough’ only work for small villages then? 🙂

    “Aerial shot”

    Unless your feet were off the ground it’s more like ‘shot from above’.
    (unless of course you were on a tiny cable car paralleling the stairs) 🙂

    “Halfway House”

    So called, I take it, because it’s halfway up the stairs and not because it houses folks who are transitioning from prison back into polite society?



    1. Hey Russ, if I’m floating in the air it’s an aerial shot. Don’t doubt me, man.

      Good question on beer range. A bar in the heart of tourist Edinburgh should be able to support four or five pumps, to be fair. Gets confusing when they’ve also got six keg taps on and load of gin, cider etc.


  3. I’ll go for the one Russ missed…

    “I’ll top that up for you !”

    err – I think the correct term is “I’ll finish pouring that for you…” it’s no-where near requiring a top up yet…

    Lovely photo of that McEwans leaded window…(how long ago is it since McEwans was a real ale?…)


      1. Fair enough…
        Just Wiki’d McEwans and see that Marstons picked it up as part of their Wells and Youngs purchase last year. Surely McEwans will soon be joining Bass as a ‘revitalised’ cask ale…
        …hope they don’t do it instead of Bass – that would be a major crisis…


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