A photographic special for Alan Winfield today. Some more tourist shots from Nottingham, worryingly quiet on a Wednesday evening.  I can only assume the residents were all enjoying bracing walks in Mansfield Woodhouse or something.


A few Japanese tourists were heading towards this place, having giving up finding a GBG pub in the centre.

Castle Rock.  Named after the brewery
What’s wrong with a Greene King sign, folks

The Trip was probably the busiest place in town, with a few folk annoyed the upstairs room was reserved for diners.

Your actual Trip to Jerusalem

What a marvellous job Greene King have done in restoring this Basic Unspoilt Boozer back to its original 12th century appearance.

Note Nick’s sword on the wall
Old, apparently

Too busy to appreciate, and I felt a bit cheeky when I wasn’t stopping for a drink; perhaps I’ll stop by next time I’m off on my GBG ticking crusades.  I was at least able to confirm they had far too many beers on, none of them Bass.

Menu decisions at the bar

I then set off on a random two hour walk, almost wishing I’d joined Matt watching this lot;

Why can’t youngsters listen to James Last and Mantovani like I did ?

I navigated the Navigation,

Trent Navigation – Spoons nearby

admired the Home windows,


added the “Temple of Heaven” to my list of top Chinese restaurants


and stared longingly at Bentincks.

No Bass at Bentincks

Which reminds me.  Well done to Ian Thurman for producing a Guide to Bass this week.  I hope there are more outlets than the 508 on Ian’s list, though some of the best Bass I’ve had was in places that don’t stock it permanently (looking at you Petersgate Tap).

Perhaps next Ian can compile a list of shame – all the places with Bass mirrors that don’t stock Bass; that would stretch to 5,000.


NB  While I waited to pick Matt up, I noted that all the youngsters were headed to this keg classic with ’90s classics booming out the door.











    1. We went in the Prince of Wales in Falmouth four times during our weeks holiday in Falmouth in August 2017, we did not see Bass on the bar on each visit, it was St Austell beers all week which we enjoyed.

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  1. I feel your Dad ‘not allowed at the gig’ pain. My worst was having to go to the Astoria to pick up and hand over tickets for The Shins. Son wouldn’t have known about them but for me. Kids today eh.


  2. You “stared longingly at Bentincks” but I stayed there for a weekend four years ago, conveniently located just a cockstride from the railway station and with a local Flipside beer on.

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    1. If I had a week I wouldn’t bother with Nottingham (I’d have an evening in Burton), if I had a fortnight I’d do Derby & Notts in a day. There’s not much in the suburbs of either that’s essential (sorry Alan/Ian etc etc).


  3. Yes, much of Nottingham is pretty but Martin has not had time on this visit to seek out a keg-only pub down some obscure alleyway.
    Originally named ‘Snottingham’ by the Saxons Nottingham has really gone up market after dropping the ‘S’. after

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  4. “A photographic special for Alan Winfield today.”

    Love that shot of the Trip. Fondly recall a night there back in 1981. 🙂

    And I see from the map photo there is a National Ice Centre with caves nearby in which to store said ice. 😉

    “Castle Rock. Named after the brewery”

    Surely it’s so called as it’s the first home that movie star The Rock purchased in the UK?

    “Old, apparently”

    I take it you’re not talking about the reflection in the doorway window? 🙂

    “next time I’m off on my GBG ticking crusades.”

    ( golf clap )

    “No Bass at Bentincks”

    Can’t that be considered false advertising?

    “Perhaps next Ian can compile a list of shame”

    Indeed. 🙂


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  5. When we go in the Trip we always like to sit in the room behind the bar, it is very comfortable and the beef cobs with a pot of gravy to tip on were great.
    The photo of the Blue Bell is taken from the back of it,the proper front entrance is on Parliament Street.
    I will pick you up on what is essential, does that mean GBG listed, we visit pubs that we like and do not know if they are in the GBG or not.

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