Next stop, Oxenhope, your first stop when you flee the kitch tea shops of Haworth.

Regular readers will remember a walk here in Bronte waterfall country in November 2015 when temperatures touched 20 degrees.

Heathcliffe woz ere

Not quite that warm on this Saturday, but good enough for an uphill stroll or two.

and steep

Most folk, of course, walk only the twenty steps from car park to steam railway, home of the Beer Guide’s only mobile bar in years past.

So they miss out on some pleasant streets and Proper Pubs, though no doubt you get better Prosecco one stop up the line.


The Bay Horse is another gorgeous looking stone pub, though Keighley gets this one.

Rare sight of outside drinkers in April
Potholes beautifully captured here

Five miles from Keighley you want Tim Taylors on a Saturday afternoon,whatever else they’ve got on, which is just as well.


Not for the first time that day I was impressed with the vigorous pulling through of the Boltmaker, though if that was the first pint of the day at 4pm I’d be worried.

Sadly, it tasted like it too.

A shame, as it looked a cheery pub with proper seating.


Repeat after me- too many beers.

Great urinals though.




22 thoughts on “WITHERING HEIGHTS

  1. I’m surprised if a seasoned drinker as yourself has the first pint of the day from a barrel unless they run at least a half through the lines first. Boltmaker – now that is a proper pint of no-nonsense bitter. No super-hoppy craft brewed with Brazillian barley there. I’ve never seen boltmaker in the south. I used to live in Leeds for a while and all the pubs did Landlord and a few even did some of the other Tim Taylor beers. Can’t wait to be back again.

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    1. There was a little flurry of it scattered around the South after it won CBGB in 2014. Blacksmiths Arms near me, one of the pubs recall Tandleman mentioning on his blog he dropped into on visit to St Albans a few months back, had it on for a while. But it soon vanished again, returning to its status as an occasional Beer Festival offering in these climes.

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      1. Sounds right. I’ve seen it three or four times this year outside homeland (Brunning & Price had it on), tasted like a good beer suffering from lack of turnover.


    1. So do I, but it’s not going to happen is it ?

      The CAMRA enthusiasts (and that’s not me or you or BRAPA) aren’t going to write articles in branch magazines telling pubs to take out hand pumps, all the awards will go to range and rarity.

      You’d think the pubs chains (whether Greene King or Black Country Ales) would learn their lesson, but only Sam Smiths have.

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      1. Arguably Sam Smith’s have taken things a bit too far 😮

        Joule’s pubs don’t tend to stray too far beyond their core range.

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  2. Last time I visited the Bay Horse they used beer economisers, so that pulling through may not have actually got you any fresh beer. (Admittedly, it was 2010 when I was there, so I could well be out of date.)


      1. Autovacs, economisers, return trays – yes, they’re all the same device for revitalising beer overflowed from the glass and the big meeting “in Coventry” last weekend was all about ‘revitalisation’ and so there were three motions on them, two of them being carried and one failing when ‘Next business’ was proposed.


      2. I’ve never heard of anyone coming to any harm from drinking beer that’s on an Autovac.
        Get rid of them and those pubs will as likely as not give up cask beer – so be careful what you wish for.

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  3. My recollection is that Boltmaker is the “new” name for Best Bitter ? Maybe from three or four years ago ?
    Sad to see the quality of the ale and the urinal linked. More usual to say that we should avoid taking the piss out of lager, as it is the only flavour that it has got.

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  4. That first photo is good for a chuckle. 🙂

    “Heathcliffe woz ere”

    Some classics in there; Bully Trees Farm, Railway Children Walk and Lumb Foot for example. 😉

    “A shame, as it looked a cheery pub with proper seating.”


    “Great urinals though.”

    Agreed. (thumbs up)


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