Someone jumped to the view that I don’t like Scottish pubs after a recent post, which couldn’t be further from the truth. And Peebles may have a less than stellar Spoons but it has a classic pub in the Bridge (aka Trust)

I popped there after a macaroni pie in the High Street, a calorific indulgence for a quid.  Mrs RM was horrified.

Tucked away between church and bridge, it looks like a great boozer.

My reflection

Excitingly, it shared frontage with Franco’s Italian, which was closed, causing me major trauma at 12.05pm.

Round the corner,Si

But then I heard laughter. And I saw life within.


This is a distinctly Scottish pub to rival gems like Musselburgh’s Staggs and Geordie’s Byre in Ayr, which is mighty fine company to keep.

A small pub with a multitude of drinking areas;

Main bar
Smart room
Darts room

And great seating.

Bench seating

And some excellent jumpers (not Pringle) at the bar.

Pub life, Peebles

And some wonderful old handpumps above the bar,

Note Dissy Blonde

Sadly no Dissy Blonde or Mansfield today, but they had Jarl, so that’s OK.

Local beers

The beer was excellent, cool and chewy, but it was the people that made the Bridge stand out.  “Rarely have I felt so welcome” say my notes.

The landlady brought over her foxglove and daisy soap for me to smell, which is something you don’t get to write every day.

A 60s soundtrack included “Daydream Believer” and “Fun Fun Fun“, which suited the pub perfectly.

Pub perfection

I didn’t know this was Scottish Pub of the Year 2017, but it deserves every accolade it gets.  Worth the trip to Peebles just for the banter.






25 thoughts on “TOP 100 PUBS – BRIDGE INN (TRUST), PEEBLES

  1. I read that as “foxglove and daisy soup”, which would have been intriguing to say the least.
    Long time since I was last in Peebles, the Neidpath used to be really good as well in days of yore.
    Scottish beer quality usually relies on having one very keen member of staff who keeps the cask in good form; this is usually found in the large number of privately owned bars – you’re unlikely to find many classic bars, with well kept beer, owned by chains.
    Sort of surprising how little Broughton you seem to be encountering on your travels in the Borders, I would have thought they would have a lot of long term accounts (possibly mainly hotels).


    1. Good point about Broughton. there was loads of it in Biggar and around (not well kept), and I think the non-GBG pubs in Peebles may have had it.

      Same principle about a keen staff member of landlord applies to social clubs in England.


      1. BTW, a barmaid letting you sniff her soap is a very genteel local way of letting you know you need to use said item as you are upsetting the bar cat. Traditionally only practiced in Morningside.

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  2. This one really does look special, and your photos were a pleasure to behold. That one from the bar looking toward the stained glass windows is stunning.

    I had to chuckle at the mosaic just outside the front door: Looks like they worked left to right and decided, halfway through (or more precisely, just after they finished “TWE”), that they needed to separate the letters more generously, in order to fill out the space. Delightful evidence of the human hand behind the work. 🙂

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  3. “My reflection”

    That looks like something out of a movie like “The Ring”. 🙂
    (of course, in your case, you pop up at a place that has no cask) (LOL)

    “Round the corner,Si”

    Well, obviously. Anyone of a certain age knows better than to check what is *cough* ‘behind the green door’. 😉

    “A small pub with a multitude of drinking areas;”

    The Spoons had ‘a string of small rooms off a thin corridor’ but the beer was crap if I recall. 😉

    “Pub life, Peebles”

    Love it! (thumbs up)

    “Note Dissy Blonde”

    And note they’re keeping the Nosey Parker as far away as possible.

    “Pub perfection”

    I would have to agree.

    “Worth the trip to Peebles just for the banter.”

    Is that a type of Bannock? (rolls eyes)



  4. Was it cold ?
    The barmaid with the bobble-hat looks like she’s dressed for some weather.
    Lovely tiled bar area – always the sign of a good pub.

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  5. Those pointy rooms look great – pleasant moments imagining sitting in the comfy tub chair in front of that cosy little stove with a cool/chewy Jarl..

    …pointy is the perfect room design for a darts board too…

    Also really like the ‘beer mat station’ on the bar – collect a beer mat with your pint and take it to your table presumably – excellent idea…

    A lovely post – such a contrast after all that recent angst…

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  6. Another thing that you notice is that the pub is virtually empty and that the punly punters are sat at the bar. In a lot of British pubs, the bar is just a place to order drinks before going back to your table. That can make for a lonely session if you’re on your own. In the US, on the other hand, I’ve often found that if there’s only a handful of people in a bar, they’ll all be sat at the bar. It is so much more social.


      1. I think Martin gets more punly commentators than punly punters.
        Imagine if all his regulars on here surprised him in a bar somewhere. Perhaps one in Maidenhead just to make sure the experience was utterly unforgettable.


  7. Splendid looking pub that for some reason I’ve never been in. I miss the ‘Scottishness’ of tall fonts that used to be so common in jock pubs.

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