Just for my favourite (occasional) Bass custodian at the Petersgate Tap, here’s east Yorkshire’s contribution to pub cricket.

The Coach and Horses in Welwick is about as far as you can venture without risk of being washed away when Spurn Head is lost forever on October 26th (visit now !).

Proper pub sign

The sign is worth a visit anyway, scoring 16 points (4 horses) under some rules, even more than that Pup & Duckling. I think any pub serving Bass should get a walkover.

Anyway, I mention this as the Landlord greeted me with “How many you got then !”, having me down as a Pub Cricket man. I played along.

Note pub snacks

Actually, I was greeted by a two year pointing at me and smiling. Yes, I look that weird, and I suspect the little fella had never seen an outsider before.

Entire village of Welwick

I’d been sceptical the pub would open, having failed to open the expected hours on my earlier sortie, but by 5.30 the whole village was in.

At the bar. This is the other half of the pub, looking lonely.


They were cheery enough, but no-one else drank the Great Newsome while I was there.

Odd that.


  1. “Proper pub sign”

    True, but I also see in the photo a blue van (which could be considered a coach) which has the word ‘horses’ on it; thus it’s the coach and horses.* πŸ™‚


    Pfft. I see someone’s reserved the comfy red chair with their coat.

    And what’s with the red phone box just down from the pub, just past Humber Lane? πŸ˜‰


    * – in fact, as all vehicles use ‘horse’ power I guess any vehicle that could transport more than 8 people could be consider a coach (with) horses. πŸ™‚


  2. What was the pub cricket reaction when you got out the sandpaper for a sly tamper ?
    ( I absolutely guarantee stone cold 100% certain that this reference will be completely lost on our North American chums.)

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    1. Nope. Something about an Aussie being in a bit of a sticky wicket?*

      * Initially it was sticky paper which has now morphed into the sand variety. 😎

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  3. Nice post. Surely we must have done every pub by now on that stretch between Hull and Spurn? Though I know that’s not true as there is another micro near Hedon that has yet to feature. By Paisley rules that is a whirlwind innings of 68- 5xhorses; 10x people; 2xdogs. 17 limbs = 68 runs. There may be another person in the bottom right. I assume you had won the toss and elected to bat.


    1. There was a Duckworth Lewis adjustment for time lost because the pub was inexplicably shut, adjusted.for extra chip time in Withernsea.

      Do Scotland get Australia’s World Cup place now they’ve been exposed as criminals ?

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      1. Exposed as criminals ?
        They’ve always been convicts.
        I suppose if Scotland had been found guilty of the same offence they would have used Scotch tape.
        I’ll get my coat.

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  4. The landlord was actually asking for your running GBG total, made up of “real” pubs, micros and giving bonus points for completed counties.
    I am under the impression that Wisden are to start producing an annual guide, the first edition is to include a feature on cuddly pub cats. For scoring purposes,deductions are made for bars shut during advertised opening hours; along with bars selling no real ale these are only completed under revised Duckworth-Lewis calculations which involve fixed time limits for second (and final) attempts at gaining entry.

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  5. Is that a ‘basket’ of complimentary Bombay Mix in front of the Great Newscombe handpump ?
    I think I remember similar in a Leicester pub last autumn.

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    1. Similar, it was those mini biscuit that weren’t mini cheddars. A lot of complementary snacks, but you feel a bit unsure about nicking the village snacks ! The “great Leicester bombay mix incident” is still unresolved, then πŸ˜‰


      1. And again in Wolverhampton ?
        P.S. Slaters shut a few days ago so that’s one less for us to do ( ah, time for GK’ s Sunbeam then !)


  6. This might be the first time I’ve seen Boddingtons on the bar in one of your photos. Is it a rare sight these days? I know people who are serious about beer don’t consider it the “real Boddingtons” anymore, but I wonder if the average person in the UK is so aware of how the ownership/production has changed over the years.

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      1. Now just an AB-InBev brand, it was very different in the 1970s when Boddingtons was one of Britain’s half dozen highest rated breweries along with Ruddles, Theakstons, Wadworths and Youngs

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  7. Nice post Martin and a beautiful pub sign – from the olden days when only pictures were used because few people could read…
    …as I understand it the (lack of) language skills of some secondary school kids means those signs probably have not yet outlived their usefulness…

    …I can’t believe: –
    a) you took a basket of bar snacks back to your table…brazen…but impressive…
    b) you didn’t have a Bass – another heroic abstinence..(see Necessities)

    “Actually, I was greeted by a two year pointing at me and smiling”

    I’m guessing, but the logical explanation is probably that your fame as a pub ticker has now reached twildom…(Simon might be very concerned about this development…)

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    1. PH,
      Yes, indeed “from the olden days when only pictures were used because few people could read” and it’s no coincidence that pumpclips started to appear in the 1960s not long after the 1944 Education Act ensured that most of us could read words such as “Mild” and “Bitter” even if we didn’t understand what they meant.

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  8. It’s odd that Cricinfo has an RSS feed button the Peter’s page, as if there is going to be some sort of posthumous update to his record.
    The yellow dust-jacket on a Wisden is the same colour as sandpaper. Bancroft should have said that he was polishing the ball with an offcut of Wisden. Knighthoods all round !
    Wisden out on 12 April. Bet you’ll not have time for blogging that day ?

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