It’s always good to end a county on a high. Particularly an unsung one like Surrey.

So a nice little trip out on the E10 to the bucolic bit of Epsom, probably labelled as “Stamford Green” next year.

More Epsom

By huge coincidence, the Cricketers is next to the cricket green.

Epsom Green

Which was about to turn into a swimming pool as I dashed for the door (why do I always stop to take a photo when I’m getting drenched).

Dark skies

It looks very Olde Worlde outside.


Inside it’s a bit modernised in the Ember/Marston/Stonegate style.


I bet you think I’m going to tell you how this isn’t a Proper Pub, aren’t you.

But in fairness to the Cricketers (and Stonegate, who have some crackers in this year’s Guide), it’s very pubby.

The glasses may all be Peroni, but that’s a proper beer range for a busy pub like this.  Two you’ve heard of, three local ones.


Ranmore is a great test of the cellar.  This was superbly cool and tasty (NBSS 4), it could almost be the Taylor Landlord of the south.  That should annoy R. Coldwell of Leeds.

So good, I’ll overlook the pattern on the chairs.


Just look at the lacings.


But never mind the beer. And the Fleet Foxes soundtrack.  It was the welcome that won it.  Acknowledged, greeted, thanked (“My lovely“).  That’s all it takes.

The barmaid (I guess) knew all the orders of the tradesmen coming in for their 4pm pints and a flutter.

Pint and a spin

One lad asked where he could watch the football on TV later.  He was warned that the pub down the road was showing the rugby when he went to watch the cup tie.  NEVER trust a pub that shows Rugby on TV.

Bye bye till September, Surrey.




  1. “Dark skies”

    My initial impression is that it looks like a house… but in a good way.


    Still liking it. And there’s outlets to charge your phone. (thumbs up)


    Surprised you didn’t comment on the jam jars. 😉

    “The barmaid (I guess) knew all the orders of the tradesmen coming in for their 4pm pints and a flutter.”

    Tsk, tsk. No hard hat and hi-viz? 🙂

    But yep, to me it would be a nice ‘local’.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. If everyone made beer as good as Timmy Taylors (provided it is well kept) then the world would be a better place.

    The image with the chap playing the bandit just made me think on. Is it me or am I correct when I’m noticing that you tend not to see them in the better pubs and bars these days? I certainly went in four local licensed premises yesterday afternoon and there was not a fruit machine in sight (one was a Sam’s pub though).

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Timothy Taylor’s Best Bitter, latterly rebranded as Boltmaker and a past CBOB. It is a cracking pint of beer and shows what a good brewer can do with a traditional style. Doesn’t need as long on the stillage as Landlord and is less challenging to keep right.


  3. Martin,
    Rather than getting drenched I would have been in that Cricketers quicker than a dose of the town’s salts.


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