This may be a short post as I’m waiting for Mrs RM to arrive back at Stansted, her bottle of Elvis Juice chilling in the fridge.

The Plough at Coldharbour in the heart of the Surrey Hills was one of those pubs that I was sure I’d been to before.  Duncan and Simon will know this feeling; there’s probably a BRAPA acronym for it.  I think it’s just because this is one of those destination pubs that are regulars in the Good Pub Guide (spit), Barbour Jacket Monthly and Pashmina Chronicle, all actual publications in Surrey.


I’ve certainly walked this bit of the Mole Valley, in the days when I wasted money on National Trust membership before realising  it was all just old houses. I even did the Friday Street gastropub last year.  On a Sunday. I never learn.

A tiny bit of mud was clearly putting off the ramblers from walking here, but not me.

Valley of mud
The Plough

But the Plough was new to me, if not Pubmeister.

It being a Tuesday afternoon rather than a Sunday, there were real people in the Plough.  You can see all of them bar one (and a dog) in this photo.

Any guesses what’s in the plastic container ?

Pub life outside weekends in Surrey

Oh good !  More local beers.

Me neither

They weren’t bad, and decently kept (NBSS 3), but I bet the chap below (staging a sitdown protest against the absence of Bass) wasn’t impressed.

She’s calling for armed back-up

Pleasant enough, with some polite Paul Simon tunes and chat about lambing,  but the highlight came on the way back to Dorking, when I stopped to photograph the street art.


Turns out the anti-fracking camp, who looked for all the world like they were filming the overdue 3rd series of (New) Survivors, don’t like media.  I escaped intact, you’ll be pleased to know, to delight you with Oxshott tomorrow.





    1. No, it looks like pigs blood, and he’s probably stopped off for a pint before going home to make some black puddings.
      But what’s in his pint glass ? it looks like water.
      And who is the young lady in black phoning ?
      Surrey – land of mysteries !

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  1. It’s one of those new home brewing kits from Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries, a bit like those you used to get in Woolworth’s. Just tip it into a large container, add water and the little sachet of yeast (you can’t see that it’s in his pocket), leave it a week and you’ve got Draught Bass. It’s just a scaled down version of Wolverhampton & Dudley’s brewing operation. I’m hearing rumours they’re sending out tankers full of this wort concentrate to their many breweries where they convert it into the local brew, the only difference between the brands being the addition of some meagre dry hopping and a different label?


  2. “there’s probably a BRAPA acronym for it.”

    Tweja vue? 😉

    With regards to the map, I could probably make a passable joke involving Broadmoor, Abinger Bottom and Squire’s Great Wood, but I won’t. 🙂

    “Valley of mud”

    Is that a Hobbit house just to the left of the (original) Dr. Who TARDIS?

    “You can see all of them bar one (and a dog) in this photo.”

    What… no pub cat?

    “Pub life outside weekends in Surrey”

    Nice hat on the bloke at the bar, but that’s a funny looking Growler in front of him.

    “Me neither”

    For a second there I thought the animals on the pump clips were skunks!

    “She’s calling for armed back-up”

    The picture on the pump clip to the right of the protester looks a wee bit like Dr. Who!


    Ironic in a way that the ‘portable lodging’ they are using need to be taken from place to place by something most likely utilising some sort of… gas. 😉


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