If all else fails, fall back on alliteration.

Tim T and I made for Pub 4, leaving Mrs RM to buy some shopping from UniQlo that she’s since discovered she needs to take back (hopefully not to Oxford).


I assured Tim I knew the way to the Turf, but of course I didn’t really.

Eventual route

Our starting point was quite prophetic.

Turn Again

But at least the route took us part some characterful buildings.


We approached the Turf from the east, still unclear, until Google Maps started beeping at me.

It’s down here

There is a blackboard marking the alley leading to the Turf; it probably says “Prosecco 50 yards” or something.

It’s down here

And there it is;

Bigger on the inside

Ah,the Turf Tavern, famous for historic visitors like Smokin’ Bill, Guzzlin’ Bob,and Old Rosie, who I don’t recall.

Hall of Shame Fame

Tim had been a bit reluctant to revisit the Turf, perhaps not just because of the promise of G****e K**g, but it turned out to be my pub of the day.

A mix of folk of all ages, great hats,

Top hat

questionable beer names (not the 6X),

Amber nectar

and no GK IPA, oddly. In fact, a pedestrian beer range by revitalised CAMRA standards.

Wadworth 6X works for me, and for most of the group.Β  Somewhere between NBSS 3.5 and 4, a cool, complex, malty joy of a pint.

Just look at it,

Scummy head

Quite how our group managed to find the last table in the house, I’ll never know.Β  Mostly diners, but certainly not all, and few table reservations I saw.

Paul Mudge was impressed with the beer, and he lives close to the 6X stronghold at High Offley.Β  Paul it was who provided the Bass badges, a sacred moment.

1981 and all that

Like the Anchor, great outside toilets too !


I’d be tempted to put the Turf in my Top 100 pubs, but then I’d have to leave out something like the Sun in Stockton, and you’ll know what that sells.

Still, an essential visit.


  1. I do not see anything nice about going to an outside toilet,when drinking in a nice warm pub.
    They got rid of outside toilets for housing when i was a kid and the outside toilets at the junior school i went to went when they pulled the school down and built a new one with nice inside toilets back in the early 70s.

    Is this a Camra thing about liking outside toilets and having no music or TVs no pool tables,just drink and get cold and wet when you want a *iss.


    1. I presume then that you have an outside toilet at your house,as it would be so nice to go outside in the middle of the night and get some fresh air.
      I am pleased to say that all pubs in Stapleford have inside toilets.

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  2. Martin – you’re all over the place in the second par.
    Either all that alliteration went to your head or you’re easing Russ gently into the week but get a grip man.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sadly I missed all the kerfuffle, owing in part to my mother, my sister and my brother, in that order.

        But surely it would a Russ remonstrate vice a rollicking? πŸ™‚


  3. Martin,
    No, not a drier sense of humour than you, always deadly serious me.
    You won’t believe how many estate agents I went round but not one of them was offering a house in or near Stafford with a proper outside brick shithouse. That’s why I like to get to the Anchor and Turf Tavern as often as I can.

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  4. And of course there was the unforgettable GBG description from the 1970s of the Crown in Stockport: “Awesome view of the viaduct from the outside gents’.”

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    1. Yes, indeed, I remember it well, “Spotless museum piece with awesome view of viaduct from outside gents”, not that there were quite as many Birmingham trains going over the viaduct back then.
      Sadly it’s not quite as “spotless” now as it’s “increasingly scruffy and in need of TLC”
      – with apologies for digressing from Oxford.

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  5. “questionable beer names (not the 6X),”

    Since I’m over 60, Old Legover works for me; in more ways than one. πŸ˜‰

    “Quite how our group managed to find the last table in the house, I’ll never know. ”

    Indeed! Since Mrs RM was shopping, correct?


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