Not every pub in the Beer Guide is worthy of a post, unless BRAPA is in there, when all the weirdos turn up at once.

The fireplace (top) was the highlight of the Red Lion in Milfield, a pub I’ve been wanting to clear (not in the Highlands sense) for a while.


It was drizzling when we arrived at 6pm, so no atmospheric external shots, but the drizzle doesn’t excuse the dullness of the interior photos.

Red Lion

Only the knowledge that Cathy Price and Duncan McKay have stood on this spot can lift our spirits.  The Red Lion is the typical tidy rural local coming to an end of the Sunday lunch session, and clearly lacking professional drinkers or potential for drama.

On the bar, Game Bird and Black Sheep.

Game Bird it is

Game Bird or Black Sheep, Christie ?”

Ooh, Game Bird.  That’s the one they have in bottles in St Boswells

A dull sip later.

Oh. I preferred the Foxy Blonde“.

Photo from some pub I couldn’t be bothered to blog about

Now the pump clip designs are benign, but how do Born in the Borders Brewery get away with beer names like that ?, I ask you.

Sadly, that exchange was the highlight, not helped by my second Diet Coke of the hour.

Nearly as bad as Si’s last photo

As I said, pleasing fire place, good looking food, and if we’d come on a sunnier day I’m sure we’d have formed a better impression.

I expect the Black Sheep was selling faster than the Game Bird, too.  Cask ale lottery.




10 thoughts on “A GAME BIRD IN THE BORDERS

  1. “a pub I’ve been wanting to clear (not in the Highlands sense) ”

    That would be something for the summer Olympics, not the current winter ones. 😉

    “not helped by my second Diet Coke of the hour.”

    Ugh. 😦


    PS – “unless BRAPA in there”

    Is dear boy, not in.

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