An overnight stop in Chester-le-Street, chosen only because every hotel with running water in Durham itself cost over £100, and Mrs RM wasn’t prepared to sleep in the car.

Loads happening here

I do like the town, though the Beer Guide pickings are meagre, and if I ever get up here for cricket at the Riverside I’ll give you a review of the back-to-basics Butcher’s Arms.

It’s “Boutique” you know

The Lambton Worm calls itself “boutique“, which means it has tiny rooms. Luckily we pack light and only care about WiFi and bedside sockets.

There’s a big grumpy dog to greet us. Obviously a Sunderland fan. (STOP PRESS: A week later all is well with the Black Cats).

The Sonnet 43 “brew pubs” are a bit boutique as well, obviously aimed at the affluent professionals from Birtley and Billy Row, but with some sort of half-price deal they’d instead cornered the family dining market.

It’s very dark.


That means I can’t read the pumpclips, but since we get a couple of pints thrown in free with the booking I’m not that fussed if they’re not the strongest ones (they are).

No idea what they say
Home brew

The beers are competently kept homebrew, in that irritating Brewhouse & Kitchen way. I’d say slightly “chewy” but I’ve no idea what I’m talking about. BRAPA is your beer bore.

Bumping into barrels

Booths rather than benches, Laura Ashley sofas, dangling lights you stoop to avoid.  It’s a pleasant dining experience, I’m sure, but we need to head into Durham for chips.

Once again, the Northern Rail strike scuppers our train, and we end up on the exciting local bus.

Snakes and ladders

Sockets, games, WiFi and some in-house entertainment at the back of the bus courtesy of the Street’s lads and lasses.  All for a fiver (yes, that’s exhorbitant).

Next up. A micropub in Durham,  I know Chris can hardly wait.



16 thoughts on “THE LAMBTON WORM

  1. Free pints with accommodation? Sounds well worth it. Don’t think that greyhound stadium in CLS is still in the Guide otherwise you could have had a night at the dogs. Recall getting big there in time for last race and an icy blast of Radgie Gadgie.

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    1. On my visit to the greyhounds (about 2013) they refused to let me in for a drink with CAMRA card and I had to pay a fiver entrance. Quite enjoyable though got told off for taking photo of the dogs. Probably why it’s not in the Guide.

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  2. Victoria Inn, a heritage pub, might be worth a lodging look. I think it is about 80 pounds including breakfast. Nice people too. Pretty amazing pub rooms and bar.

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      1. Durham is a good county for pub trippers. Beer not always that great (mostly lager drinkers), but pubs probably as close as you get to trad locals. Those famous ten or so pubs in central Durham have been in the Guide for years !

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      2. I like the feel of Durham. The old city with students in it has a great appeal and the setting is quite hard to top. Not to mention the great cathedral. Lots to offer and a great base for other cities. Our Newcastle visit was from Durham. Great places and great people in my opinion.

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  3. “Luckily we pack light and only care about WiFi and bedside sockets.”

    Good man! Me too. 🙂

    “I’m not that fusses”

    Not sure if that should be fuses or fussed. 😉

    “Bumping into barrels”

    Probably because it’s so dark. (heh)


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