Only 3 things in life are certain;

  1. Mrs RM will drink those bottles of Brew Dog  I hid from her.
  2. Russ will find a typo in my post.
  3. There will be a new Spoons in the North London sections of the Beer Guide.

And so it was that I emerged from Ally Pally* station singing “Driving In My Car” to myself, wondering why it was so long since I’d had a new Guide pub to tick here.

muswell hill.PNG
2 trips to Ally Pally in 2 months

And how long it would be before the Palace was converted into a micro pub (capacity 10,000).

It’s very hilly round here, but otherwise indistinguishable from all of the other suburbs up to Barnet.

But what’s this ?


Yes, a giant illuminated milk bottle marks the newish Spoons, commemorating the nearby Finchley constituency of our most famous milk snatcher.**

Pub history bores will know Muswell Hill was the site of Timbo’s first Spoons, back in the days when Younger’s No.3 was considered the height of real ale sophistication and sold for 59p (9p with Spoons vouchers).

Some shaky camerawork here (a beardie bumped me), but as you can see a decent pre-Christmas selection for Spoons.


Anyway, it’s “Gotta be Otter“, hasn’t it ?


The Mossy Well was absolutely packed on a Monday night, which was great to see, so I had to perch upstairs near the loos.  I would have done that anyway, to be fair.

Otter Claus was nectar, probably brewed with real Otter tears cried during Exeter’s FA Cup defeat to West Brom (NBSS 4).  The best pint of Otter this year.

Here’s your unique Spoons carpet.


And here’s your North London cardigans, proving this Spoons attracts more than parties of drunk office workers.


All human life was here.  Well, not a mobility scooter, or a bloke drinking Bud through a straw, to be fair.


*I’m taking Matt there for a hardcore metal gig in February and wanted to check out the loos.

** That should reduce my readership dramatically.



  1. School milk was utterly vile – warm and putrid. Mrs T did the kids of Britain a service in getting rid of it. And Public Health would now disapprove anyway 😉

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  2. “Russ will find a typo in my post.”

    Awww, shucks. (shuffles feet then looks frantically for a typo). 🙂

    “Pub history bores will know Muswell Hill was the site of Timbo’s first Spoons,”

    I thought Muswell Hill was the site of Alfred the Great’s first decisive victory over the Vikings. 😉

    “and wanted to check out the loos.”

    But do they get the Si seal of sanction?


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