A last trip to my least favourite county in the Guide, but at least now it’s over ’till next September.

Oving no more, Fenny Stratford no more, etc

BRAPA is taking an alphabetical approach to the Beer Guide, which means the poor sod has to finish off the whole of Bucks before he moves on to the, er, glories of rural Cambridgeshire.  Perhaps he’s better off getting lost in Aylesbury.


Mrs RM accompanied me, swayed by the prospect of a McDonalds breakfast in a Hemel Hempstead drive-through, and we scoured the map for Whelpley Hill.

Just west of Hemel.  Or, if you live in Whelpley, I guess you’d tell your insurer it was just south of Berkhamsted.

Bovingdon, Chipperfield, Lye Green and Flaunden have all graced the GBG over the years, so I guess it’s Whelpley’s turn.

Excitingly, this is a genuine hamlet with a pub, but without a church. “Edge of Chilterns” carries bucolic expectations that weren’t quite delivered.

Authentic posh Chilterns house
A tree
Genuine English countryside

Before lunch I made Mrs RM explore the newish mobile home park that suggests this is a retirement rather than dormitory village.

Whelpley Hill Park

The “tourist highlight“, or at least the one building there was a sign to, is this Coronation Hall.  Mrs RM was unimpressed, but it was very cold so I’ll overlook her lack of enthusiasm.

Ye Olde Coronation Hall

I guess the mobile home park, and a few smart houses were providing  decent dining custom for the White Hart, receiving a Tring delivery as the doors opened.

White Hart, Whelpley Hill


Odd feature


It looked better inside than out.

Your stock Chilterns gastropub photo
Proper fire

Now you may by now be sensing a lack of enthusiasm for the White Hart, and I was feeling a distinct sense of deja vu having just visited the identical Stag in Mentmore.

I’ll be honest, beers from tiny breweries fill me with dread; I was almost wishing for Bombardier and Youngs when I saw these two.

Microbrew alert !

I can’t swear the landlord, clearly the flautist in Mumford & Sons, would have said “Are you dining with us today“, because we asked if we could have lunch as soon as we got in. A McDonalds breakfast never fills you up.

Dimpled mug alert

And although the enthusiastically served ales from Vale were no more than OK (NBSS 2.5), I can strongly recommend the pub for lunch.  Which just goes to show. Something.

Soup with bacon, apparently

The menu included a “Sandwich and packet of Pipers“, which seemed a commendable piece of food matching. Not surprisingly Mr Mumford had a soundtrack of folk and old Elbow that matched the food perfectly.

Then the posh folk came in.

Is this the bar ?”  said the lady at the bar, arriving first. “Can I sit down ?”

Ahem”  she attracted our attention. “What’s his (the landlord’s) name ?

Doing what I was told, I checked the pub website.

Ian”  I said.

Ian with an a ?”  Is there an Ian without an a.

“Ian with an a ?” lady sat here

The rest of the party turned up.  They’d never heard of the beers.

Can I have a, a local beer”  “They’re both local” Oh good.  Oh good

I’ll…..I’ll brave a half of that one

He really did say that.

Ian with an “a” was an exemplary publican, efficient and polite throughout. I wish him the mental strength and fearlessness of Asterix to deal with the Christmas season.













  1. Another county falls to the tickmeister. You have had nothing short of a triumphant march across eastern England so far and I can’t see the Celtic areas putting up much future resistance. Mrs RM sounds like she has already set up operations across the border.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Odd feature”

    The odd one out is that P. Brandy thingy. I’ve never heard of anyone urinating brandy, no matter how much they’ve had to drink.

    As for the (navigator?) map, not sure what it is with me with cows this week but I read Bovingdon as Bovinedon (it didn’t help there’s a Hogspit Bottom just below it).

    And what’s with all the “Ends”? (i.e. Potten End, Warners End, Field End, Bennetts End). Did someone with that particular last name die there?


    Liked by 1 person

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