The annual trip west of the M40 into Cherwell, the unexceptional but cosy area between Banbury and Oxford.

An area lacking tourist clout but full of posh villages like Duns Tew, making a first appearance in the Guide since the Iron Age.

duns tew.PNG

There’s been some good pubs round here over the years; the Crown & Tuns in Deddington was in the first 25 Beer Guides and the villages are attractively nondescript.

Duns Tew is down the road from Great Tew, home of the Falkland Arms, a rather gorgeous pub where I was once charged a less than gorgeous £10 for camembert in a box.

The White Horse is an altogether more straightforward village pub.

Duns Tew in the rain

We tipped up at opening time to find a group of youths smoking in the drizzle.

An authentically old school posh Oxon interior.


Before I’d got within ten feet of the bar I was asked what I wanted.


Give me a chance !  I hate being rushed when you haven’t got a clue what’s on the bar.

Something odd from Cornwall, something well known but hard to keep at its best, and something off.

Wot no Hooky ?

A half of Landlord it was.  Not a good half (NBSS 2), but what a glass that is ! A bizarre half-pint jug with a pheasant motif, straight from the 1970s.

Pheasant glass

A posh village pub geared up for evening dining, I felt uncomfortable and out of place, and wondered why they didn’t just put Hooky on.

Your average city dweller would think it was all very quaint, and it was, but it wasn’t a place for the casual drinker.  Two lads at the bar (who weren’t drinking the ale) were watching kitten videos on their I-Phone, which made me feel even more left out.


Quaint loos, complete with ancient Guinness adverts,


and the inevitable Baylis & Harding, always the sign of a non-pub.

Soap running low


We were stared at as we said “Thanks” and left, allowing them to return to their kitten videos in peace.

26 thoughts on “WHAT HAVE YOU DUN TEWS ME ?

    1. Perhaps the kitten videos were just a cunning wheeze to hide their real purpose of alerting pubs in the surrounding area about suspicious ticker activity ?
      Camrahood Watch in action.

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Going back thirty years, the Falkland Arms used to be one of those classic “must-visit” country pubs with a national reputation, but since then seems to have very much fallen off the radar. Isn’t it owned by Hall & Woodhouse now?

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Re: the title – well dun!
    (surprised no one used that yet) 😋

    “We tipped up at opening time”

    You fell out of the garbage bin? 🤔

    “Give me a chance ! ”

    Quite agree. Good Lord!

    “Pheasant glass”

    Yes it is. Oh sorry, I read that as pleasant glass. 😊

    And agreed; looks lovely from the outside, but looks can be deceiving.


    PS – black pepper and ginseng for soap? I’d expect that maybe in Viagra. 😝

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  2. Half-pint tankards like that used to be popular as beer festival commemorative glasses. I have a CAMRA 21st Anniversary one from 1992 in my cupboard.

    Agreed that bar staff messing with their phones is a very bad sign, although they could do worse than watching kitten videos >^..^<

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  3. Have you ever noticed that the “what do you want” before you get to the bar is often accompanied by people stoof in front of the taps, so you can’t even see the pumps?

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  4. The motif on the tankard is a warning! They shoot Peasants down there, that’s why there was only four of you in the pub. I’m surprised you got out of the village alive. I’ve got John Nettles (Ch. Insp. Barnaby) on speed dial and I nearly rang for his help when you said you felt uncomfortable.

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