Very soon the journey from Cambridge to Oxford will be doable at lightning speed, possibly by the complete removal of Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes.

Oxford itself has much for the American tourist who can afford £14.75 for a burger, but Scrooge McTaylor recommends instead the less-trod villages to the north.


It may look a bit basic, and it’s clearly beyond our budgets anyway, but the food coming out of the kitchen at the Coach & Horses in Adderbury looked fit for a trencherman, whatever that means.  I paid more for a dab of Brixworth pate from the local deli a few years back, occupying myself while Mrs RM bankrupted me at the Fired Earth factory shop.


I love basic community pubs like this, even though the music choice (Simply Red – Stars) comes from the same era as the prices.  Oxfordshire isn’t all Chipping Norton, and I’ve been to a few places round Banbury like this over the years (Horton Red Lion ?).

There were literally dozens of OAPs in for the £4 roast giving the pub an atmosphere you don’t get at the “Restaurant with Rooms” places a few miles east. This meant there were more takers for the cask than I’ve seen midweek for ages, and the Wadworth IPA (NBSS 3.5) was as good as Alan Winfield said it is on this blog recently.  Nice head too.

There are a few pubs in Adderbury, including the very foody Bell, whose Hook Norton beers are similarly excellent.  You don’t get banter about blokes three times over the limit driving a forklift truck in the Bell, though.  (Plenty of chat about medical conditions too but I’ll save those up for a future blog).


  1. Eight trips to England, and I have yet to have a burger! In addition, I cannot remember a bad meal, except maybe a close call in Stockport.

    I debated for a time whether to ask this but …

    Time for a pedantic question. Instead of “There’s a few pubs …” would “there are” be more appropriate. I hate to suggest “there’re.” I do find myself saying “there’s” instead of “there are” very frequently. I notice but nobody else seems to notice. Which could mean they’re not listening. Since I write very little, except to comment on a few blogs, the need to write one of them does not often occur.


    1. That’s not pedantic Dick, you’re perfect correctly. Can’t believe the Cheshire bloke hasn’t picked it up, very lax. Good job the Americans are upholding standards in the world.


      1. I believe the real rubbish is everything I read over here. In the past two weeks the only sane things to read are on English beer blogs.

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  2. Nice alcove, just a pity about the scatter cushions 😦

    And Chipping Norton itself isn’t all “Chipping Norton”.


  3. I have been to Adderbury twice and still only done half of the pubs there,done with my Brother who was taking me round some village pubs in the Banbury area,i did The Bell on the 19th May 2012 while picking up a good amount of Hook Norton tied houses,i did The Coach and Horses on the 10th May 2013,i really liked the pub and the Wadworth Henrys IPA went down a treat.
    I did tell you Martin that it is a top class drink,that is not well liked by lots of real ale buffs,but i dont care more for me to drink.
    I did most Pubs in Chipping Norton and a few in Banbury under my own steam,10 in Chipping Norton and 13 in Banbury on the 13th September 2003.


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