The lacings

The blog-naming committee had a tough time on this one.  Loughborough, famous for over-excitable athletes, bells and a steam train from Leicester. And lace, apparently.

We stopped in Loughborough to complete the Leicestershire section of the Beer Guide for 2017.

The welcoming committee was nowhere to be seen.


But “New Loughborough” awaited, in all it’s glory.  Across from the terraced houses and takeaways, the wharf is now a riot of hotels and student accommodation.

To think, my son turned down Loughborough Uni in favour of Sheffield (he still hasn’t been to any pubs in Sheff, and looks all the better for it).


Two new ticks in the ‘Boro.  A Spoons and a micro pub,  Gone are the days when the new entry would serve Bass or Pedi in a  backstreet local covered in pleghm, perhaps for good.

But my word, the Amber Rooms is a lively Spoons.  Not sure why, but “community hub” is an accurate description.


I had driving duties, so Mrs RM enjoyed the Shropshire Lad (as it were) while I tested out the new “help yourself folks” coffee machine.  You could, in theory, have unlimited flat whites for £1.20  here, but I don’t advise it.


How do you differentiate a Spoons ?  This one was a “community” spoons, but hardly one for the beer bore.  Hoorah for that. Bizarrely, it seemed to offer bingo and darts.

The bloke at the bar called the barmaid “love“, she called him “hen“. Discuss.


Literally across the road was the journey’s end, the Needle & Pin.

If it’s a struggle to find something to say about a Spoons, your archetypal micro pub is even tougher.

Oh look, there’s a mobility scooter…


Oh look, there’s a North Riding beer…


Oh look, there’s the local enquiring about the exciting beer range etc etc


But.  Upstairs, the most unashamed vinyl collection in the Midlands. What to choose ?


Tubular Bells, of course

And who can resist a poster with a London Calling track listing.  Not me.


Or the NME from 1978.  I’m so fickle.


And the beer was excellent (NBSS 4), so thumbs up. And those Glenn Campbell beermats are winners.


But of course, what Loughborough has always lacked is sliders.


So I bring you Slider Town, opened last month and already the recipient of the Mrs RM seal of approval.  As much for the cocktails as the mini burgers, mind.


Loughborough on the rise, but the classic architecture remains intacts.






  1. “Tubular Bells, of course”
    My thoughts exactly!

    “The bloke at the bar called the barmaid “love“, she called him “hen“. Discuss.”
    I have a tendency over here to call women “luv”. And at times I call men “mate”. No idea why.

    Oh and love the “terrible signage” on the Slider Town sign. 🙂


    PS – “so Mrs RM enjoyed the Shropshire Lad (as it were) ”

    No comment. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m a ” love ” man myself.For the ladies,natch.For fellers I fear that with age I have ventured into ” young man ” territory even though it sometimes comes out a bit Harry Enfield.
    I was in a local boozer here in Ireland last night when someone addressed the barman as boss.The regulars noticeably tensed,it being the common greeting amongst the Travelling community.Particularly when he asked for a pint bottle of Bulmers cider with a glass of ice.That drink is colloquially known as Knackers’ Champagne.
    He just had the one and left.After which the pub noticeably relaxed.Sadly,despite great efforts on behalf of the state to integrate Travellers,the unruly behaviour of a few rather let their side down.
    Have never heard “hen” over here but “hun” is gaining in popularity.
    And “mate” marks you out as a Brit as my drinking chums remind me when they do their Phil Mitchell impressions.

    Liked by 1 person

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