Alongside CAMRA Pub of the Year (must be the Weavers, surely), and Cider of the Festival, there must surely be space for Industrial Estate Brew Pub of the Year in the crowded awards calendar.

Being strictly partisan, I’d have to vote for the one 200 yards from my Fenland home (Milton), but Fixed Wheel would be in with a shout.


This was a third Industrial Estate venue in Stourbridge/Halesowen publand, coming soon after the Jewellery Quarter fun in Brum.

Fixed Wheel

As I said yesterday, I enjoy the variety the Beer Guide gives you.  If all pubs were the same as Halesowen’s classic Waggon & Horses it would be a very dull life, though I know some folk would happily visit the same pub every night, and that’s fine too.

Anyway, the Fixed Wheel was anything but dull.  I’ve come across their beers a fair bit around the Midlands, but you can’t beat your own outlet, however small, to show off your wares.

There was a theme going on, but I never quite worked it out…




The children’s Halloween party was being set up for the afternoon (there’s a theme here as well), but the owners and locals were happy to chat rubbish and let us poke around.

Charles helped himself to the bread and cheese being set out for the children, which in BRAPA land would have started a riot, but here we escaped with our lives.


A showcase for keg more than cask, but their Pale was superb. We stocked up with takeaways, enabling one bloke to shout “I’m Spartacus“, which we’d never heard before in our lives.

Mrs RM was very pleased with her bottle, seen here displayed in the matching Osnabruck Christmas Market tankard.

Even if she was a bit disappointed it was “only 6.5%”.  


And I didn’t even mention the opening hours !


4 thoughts on ““I’M SPARTACUS”

  1. “There was a theme going on, but I never quite worked it out…”

    I’d say you did that willfully. 🙂

    Nice range; from 3.7% to 7.1% (and priced accordingly).

    “Even if she was a bit disappointed it was “only 6.5%”.”

    Good for her. While I prefer lower ABV during the day I’m all for dialing it up a notch in the evening.


    PS – Looking forward to my Advent Beer Calendar. 24 different bottles and only 2 are lagers. (yay!)


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