About time I started a post with a photo of beer barrels used as urinals.

On to Redditch, the town famous for having more roundabouts than Milton Keynes (don’t check that) and producing Steph from Big Brother, amongst lesser known stars.  I also know people who live there, so I’m on best behaviour.


Rather like “The Keynes“, most GBG entries here have been dotted around the older suburbs. We’d only toyed with Redditch Central, enjoying the rumbustious atmosphere of the Wetherspoons with its 9am lager queue. And the rumbustious Wilko with its queue for Pick’n’Mix.

But with time for quiet reflection, the central square around the church looked rather handsome.



It’s a Sign of the Times (5 points for musical reference*) that the new GBG entry in unfashionable Redditch is a Brewery Tap. Except of course the brewery has already moved.

Tucked into a very leafy stretch of offices opposite the church, you could almost be in Chorlton. But it’s not that bad.


Looking a bit like the first office I worked in, without the Kalamazoo but with the wasabi nuts, the Black Tap is scruffily pleasant. Proper seating and lots of places to hide from the sole other drinker (it would be a different story by 9pm, I suspect).

Meet me in the hallway


I couldn’t imagine joining your mates for a game of darts at some Brew Taps I’ve been to (Cheltenham, for one), but the games room here looked authentic enough.  Although I don’t fancy sitting below that dart board, either.  Do Worcestershire folk have a death wish ?

Wot ! No piano


All ales at Β£3.25, which almost makes it a micro pub I guess.


I asked what I should have. The young barman confessed he didn’t drink the ale, but made up for that with the sort of enthusiasm and cheeriness normally reserved for a branch of CafΓ© Nero, the best coffee chain.

We have deep cellars that keep the beer cool” he told me, which I accepted at face value.  The beer was cool and tasty (NBSS 3.5).

Redditch 1.PNG

On reflection, it looks a bit empty, doesn’t it ? (the Spoons was packed).  But some Mudgie-approved classic rock was playing at Mudgie volumes.

Southern Man” sounded particularly good that Friday lunchtime.

“Hey, Neil”

Appropriately, the man at the bar in the Neil Young shirt then joined me in a conversation about the miraculous way the Wellington kept sixteen (16 !) beers in a pub the same size as this one.

The barman and Neil listened intently as I proclaimed the gospel of “less is more” when it comes to handpumps, entirely unconvinced.


*Not a Minneapolis one, Dave



  1. I went to Redditch on the 26th June 2017.
    I did lots of walking and found 14 pubs open,quite a few were shut down,not sure why i chose Redditch as i had a good idea that it would not be that good for pubs,i was right.

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      1. To be honest,Martin,that was the reason why i went to Redditch,most of the pubs a walk to the South did not have any photos never mind a review.
        I do like a challenge,but Skelmersdale may be one too far.

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  2. Redditch, former the centre of the Fishing Tackle trade.

    Is it a Micro? a) Proper Cellar? b) Separate male & female toilets and not a single shared WC, c) beer drizzled out of a tap from a cask that is too warm and whose temperature varies with the ambient one because of lack of a) or d) some other effective cooling device, e) total refusal to recognise that ‘normal’ people need & use wi-fi or is it just that they are cheap start ups/cheapskates that won’t pay for wi-fi?


  3. “Tucked into a very leafy stretch of offices opposite the church”

    Definitely not your average location for a Brew Pub. And Google Street View (albeit from 2009) shows this location used to be a law firm.

    “Although I don’t fancy sitting below that dart board”

    If you started a game of Lord of the Rings at that table you could probably stop anyone from playing darts for the duration as the game would be too difficult to move to another spot. πŸ™‚


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    1. LHP Law.

      If you drop the Google man on the street you get a view from 2009; but if you drop him near the actual spot just off the street (and hit it just right) you get a view of the hair salon next door from 2016. πŸ™‚



      1. “You have too much spare time, Russ πŸ˜‰”

        Don’t tell my wife that! She’ll find more things that need doing around the house. 😨😊

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  4. “Looking a bit like the first office I worked in, without the Kalamazoo but with the wasabi nuts”

    Now I simply must ask about this, as I spent four years of my life in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Please explain, Martin, I’m dying of curiosity over here!


    1. Kalamazoo was the dominant brand of paper based accounting up till.the 80s. You recorded sales and spend on colour coded sheets of paper before the invention of computers. Horrific memories. I thought that was what Kalamazoo was famous for !


      1. Fascinating! You got me Googling it, and I found this: http://www.kalamazoo.com.au/history/

        Funny to think that the company was named after a binder invented in the city of Kalamazoo, but while living in Kalamazoo I never heard anyone talk about it, either the binder or the company! The town is known in the States, if it is known at all, mainly as the inspiration of the old Glenn Miller song. “I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo.”

        Thanks for educating me on this, quite a revelation!

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  5. Excellent Harry Styles references, made my day. I’m sure you enjoyed his solo album as much as I did. With a trip to Holmes Chapel, where he moved when he was young, and to the Antrobus Arms in Northwich where he lived for a while, you could do the Styles Treble.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. One of my life’s ambitions is to visit the home town of each member of One Direction, I just need Doncaster and Mullingar to complete the set.


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