You may remember my last trip to Burnley, when a series of posh villages called things like Fence threatened to flood Turf Moor with Prosecco.


No such drama in the centre of town on Sunday night, the only crime the Baggie’s theft of 3 points the day before. I didn’t see any West Brom fans making a weekend of it.



While the civic buildings look tidier by the year, the central shopping streets are not Burnley’s strong point.


Only one place seemed to be thriving.


But the Beer Guide shows the reality; Burnley is becoming the Middlesbrough of the North-West, packed with micropubs, quirky bars and music venues.

As in Colne, you need WhatPub to guide you through a labyrinth of places with modern names like Real Ale Factory, Craft, Bier Huis, Ministry of Ale and Coal Clough.


I now notice that Real Ale Factory offers Plum Porter for two quid so perhaps its time will come.  For now, the New Brew-m had to suffice, particularly since its micro hours had already thwarted me twice.


There’s three things about Burnley that never change;

  1. They’re as friendly as anywhere in England.
  2. They love their Clarets.


3. Their beer is as cheap as in Wigan.



If you price it at £2.25, they will come.  The Stockport Centaurus was selling like hotcakes, as they often say without justification, so I had the Reedley Hallows Pendleside.

Having been lukewarm about the Reedley beers before, I can only apologise now.  This was a beautifully presented and superbly conditioned easy drinking pint (NBSS 4), proving again quality is all about the pub.


On the down side, I got to sit on a high seat at a barrel.  On the upside, that means you get an unusually good view of a lively pub.

Banter about mobile phone cameras and a mother who was apparently checking up on our pub going heroes.  Some of the best dressed people outside of a BRAPA selfie, too.


Another Burnley winner, and the other GBG17 newbie down by Turf Moor wasn’t bad either.  The walk there, down Yorkshire Street, takes you past some proper keg classics.




KSC 110 has art deco touches, Lowry prints and jam jars on the bar.



Clubs feature prominently in East Lancs GBG cohort, and the worst I can say about them is that the enthusiasm for the ales often seems to stop, largely, at the Club steward.


The oddly named KSC 110 club sounds like the number of Hull City away fans who made the trip to Turf Moor last year, but a bit of detective work suggests its true affiliations.


The Reedley Hallows is a bit less cool but still good (NBSS 3) and bargain-priced, and a good mix of OAPs and young lads are enjoying Marcus Alonso’s hair as he puts Spurs to the sword, while “Summer Nights” plays on repeat in a town where it is always 1978.

I love Burnley, and I can’t wait to see what GBG 18 will bring.


  1. £2.25 a pint? That’s ridiculously cheap! To give the brewers a decent return, it needs to be at least £3.80 😉


  2. You were fortunate not to bump into Alastair Campbell, Burnley fan and former liar-in-chief for Tony Blair.
    I have a visceral loathing for that turd which I reserve for no other person.
    Except,perhaps,for Kier Starmer.
    And Emily Thornberry.
    And Diane Abbott.
    I’m okay with Jezza.

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  3. KSC 110 stands for – wait for it – Knights of St Columba lodge number 110.

    I occasionally went in mid 1980s. It was 10p at the door for non members then. Highlight of the week then was ‘talent night’, mostly renditions of Ave Maria performed by elderly ladies!
    Beer was mostly Thwaites then, with Benedictine and hot water chasers.

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