I can lump Barrowford in with Barnoldswick, but Colne stands alone.


The last stop at the end of the M65, a million miles from posh Skipton but a world way from “difficult-to-love” Nelson, whose only Beer Guide pub in recent memory was a (very good) Hungry Horse.


Colne, like Darwen, is an undiscovered gem. Steep terraced streets to the north toward Pendle, a handsome High Street (with excellent Spoons), and views south to the Forest of Trawden.  The South Valley is the sort of industrial playground I like, with the Admiral Lord Rodney a classic industrially based local.

Sometimes you really see a place for the first time.  That’s what happened to me with Colne the other Friday, in much the way Halifax struck me last year.


2017 is, of course, the year micro pubs take over Lancashire.  Boyce’s Barrel on New Market Street should have been a doddle to find.  But with bars called “Cask’n’Keg” and “Tapster’s Promise” either side of Boyce’s, I nearly went in the wrong one.  Simon almost certainly will.

The landlord was quick to tell me I’d made the right decision.  I suspect Boyce’s micro neighbours are more disciples of the Middlesbrough method than of Herne.


It was chaotic, hyperbolic, but never shambolic. And certainly not robotic.

Where’d you drink before ?”  I asked the friendly chap sharing the bar.

I was teetotal before“.  Stony face.

Beer was so good I can’t remember it, a Roosters Tap Takeover possibly.  If this was in Cambridge or Stockport it’d be rammed. Like it was here in Colne.

The locals had great fun directing me the 2 yards to the loo (my eyesight is very old).


One of the best pub loos of the year (photos saved for my next toilet post),

And perhaps the best advice of the year so far;




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