I’ve only just noticed I need to sum up July, and post my plans for August so you can avoid me.  Not that that worked for Pubmeister, who I still managed to harass in Copenhagen on a memorable (and expensive night).

BRAPA beat me to that post, and walloped me last month, 56 (fifty-six) pubs to my 34.  Yes, only thirty-four new GBG pubs in July. Plus 26 in Denmark and Germany, but they count for naught.


But I don’t care.  July was a great pub month, even if most of them were in the same street in Lubeck.

This small city provided the delights of smokers pubs full of cheery drinkers.  Didn’t bother me or Mrs RM.


My Pubs of the Months were therefore Lemmy’s Bar, Tibia Tick and Kö 39.  Finish off your night with a kebab next to Kö 39; you deserve it.


The best new GBG pub was an equally basic place that would thrive were the smoking ban ever lifted; the Ship in Connah’s Quay shows you all you need is a single handpump and character(s).  Simon will love it.


Beer of the Month, according to my extensive records, was the North Riding Mini Citra in 10 Devonshire Place, Harrogate. This was another great pub in a town that’s now full of them, and as different from Connah’s Quay as you could hope.

But that rather neglects the Harvey’s in Charlie’s Bar, the best Sussex I’ve had in years.  Danish pubs in the GBG now !


Copenhagen was a wonderful, wonderful city, prices apart, and provided the culinary highlight of the month.


And there was Bass.  Real Bass,not just a Bass clock.

On the down side, I suffered the indignity of Latitude Festival, and some mediocre gastropubs with too many handpumps purely for show.

Looking forward, August includes the following;

  • Ramsgate tomorrow to meet Dick & Dave and finish off Kent in Sandwich.
  • Bristol on Sunday as a base to finish Gloucestershire.
  • Llangollen and Lake Bala for almost no reason whatsoever.
  • The Isle of Wight – because it’s there.
  • Lancaster Brewery

There’s a bit of overpriced football in east Manchester and Americana in Dorset as well.

Let’s hope Mrs RM can keep up the pace.



  1. The Cowes Ale House might be worth a pre-emptive, although on my visit a knot of people standing by the bar stopped me from seeing what beers were on, and their chatter prevented me from hearing the barman tell me what they were 😦

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  2. I went in 58 new pubs in July,just three pub crawls,two in Bristol and Loughborough to pick up new openings that i had not done plus a few revisits in the town.
    Not sure how August will pan out as going to Falmouth for a week and staying in a pub there,i hope we will go to St Ives and Penzance and i would like to go to St Austell as it is a brewery town and Megavissy is also on the list to do.
    I would have thought public transport is a bit ropy down there.

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