One last night exploring crafty Copenhagen before the long bus trip to Lubeck.


I didn’t really want to go back to Norrebro; it wasn’t as if I wasn’t going to be able to complete The List.

But I’m very shallow. Duncan had told me;

Brus is amazing. Beer with cloudberries among 30 options

Cloudberries !  My favourite.

And everyone had said I had to go to the Bryghus, the original brewpub here.  And I might never be back. And it got me out of packing.

Goodness me Copenhagen is busy on Friday evenings. Nearly all of it on cycles. And all of it better dressed than the English scruff in shorts.

Like most of Norrebro’s endless supply of small bars, BRUS is packed, mainly but not exclusively with the under-30s.


It’s a bit like the King’s Arms in Bethnal Green, except the bikes would have been nicked there.  BRUS has, as promised 30+ beers on tap, leaving it a poor relation to Mikkeller & Friends, but slightly ahead of the nearest Sam Smiths for choice.


No. 12 on the list is that Cloudberry beer. Now, when you’ve paid over £10 for a 20cl glass, you don’t rush it, you contemplate your stupidity, and the 5 pints of OBB it would have bought you in Scarborough.  And you laugh.



Dodging the bikes using the pavements, I weaved round to the Bryghaus, which had decided to put on some folk music to make sure there was not a seat to be had.



Luckily, the upstairs room had a long trestle table where I nabbed a space so I could eavesdrop in on conversations over a decent IPA.


Pleasingly, everyone seemed to be discussing their relationships in English..


“You did what !”


Again, bare brick walls and brewing vessels make you long for flock wallpaper and hunting prints.


With all this craft, it was noticeable that Tuborg was still the beer of choice for the hundreds of proper drinkers along the banks of the Peblinge Lake.  It was probably the only beer under 5% I saw drunk all night.






6 thoughts on “COPENHAGEN – BRUS & BRYGHUS

  1. Thought Brus was OK, but very modern and featureless. Far preferred Himler’s Goat (Himmeriget) as small and scruffy. Just too many bars in Copenhagen, never mind the higher end restaurants with decent beer.
    Should have gone the Malmo and caught the ferry to Lubeck, although I dread to contemplate the price of that (presumably duty free again to compensate).

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    1. I prefer small and scruffy too, though Jerbane quite neat and tidy !

      Point about too many bars – I guess I’d need to have visited on a Tuesday lunchtime as well as Thr/Fri evenings to judge, They don’t look like they cater for the grey market !


  2. I’ve never seen Brighouse spelled like that before. Never heard of a pub named after Brighouse neither? Clearly there is a strong Yorkshire influence in Denmark. No doubt based on the Yorkshire invasion of Denmark that precipitated the Viking invasion of the North of England by several hundred years, They only came over to England in such large numbers because the Scandinavians were so impressed with the Yorkshire invaders.

    On a serious note, there is still a strong Scandinavian influence on place names around the area where I was brought up; Gunthwaite (Gunhildas land) Thurslstone (Thurls farm) Penistone (Pens farm) Denby & Denby Dale (Danes field). I bet you’re thinking I’ve made this second bit up aren’t you?

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    1. Bryghus is a tribute pub, like O’Neills for Ireland or Sam Smiths for the 18th century. If I’d turned up on Sunday I’d have heard Danes in Viking costume practicing their test piece for the Brass Band contest in Greenland.

      Good grief !


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