Fear not, I’ll soon have completed Derbyshire’s GBG entries, including one with a Derby County flag in; I’ll wait until Alan is asleep before I sneak that post out.

This week I see Duncan the Pubmeister posting on Irvine, and Simon on North Marston, so Draycott doesn’t seem that unusual a blog topic.


Following the Beer Guide certainly takes you to places you’d never go to otherwise. Eight pubs in neighbouring Long Eaton over the years, and now Draycott, of which I know nothing.

And neither, it seems, does Wikipedia. Rarely have I seen so little information on a village of some 3,000.

Four pubs, a deli, a table tennis club, and this beautiful relic from the lace making age.


We’ve camped across the Derwent at Elvaston Castle, but I’ve never had good reason to swim the river to Draycott until now.

The video games and sweets machines in the Coach & Horses are powerful draws.  A Beer Guide comprised entirely of pubs with “Jewellery Mix 20p” machines would greatly ease the lives and livers of GBG tickers.


I do like pubs like this that appeal to all, with separate public and lounge rooms and a cheap Sunday lunch.

The public was pleasantly traditional, just a little too quiet.

A cheery barmaid no doubt sense my anguish in having decide between the two ales (Abbot was hidden in the lounge).  On a whim I picked the Blue Monkey (NBSS 3) over Doom Bar, probably the best if not the best selling choice.

Not an obvious new Guide entry, but it’s all about the beer, isn’t it ?


I thought that would be the end of my acquaintance with Draycott, but spotted an unexpected treasure while exploring the table tennis quarter. I should have known; possession of a micropub is  essential for all proper South Derbyshire towns, and this one was barely a month old.


The Draycott Tap turns out to be the eponymous Brewery bar, and very good their Tipple was too (NBSS 4).  A few younger lads were having that rarity; a Sunday lunch session.

I awaited their surprise at my trip from Cambridge, but they knew as much as me about the pubs, having built the latest Guided Bus extension.  Cambridge dreams, Derby builds.

They also gave me a classic line;

“Is that fresh ice ?  I don’t want any of that frozen rubbish”


The engaging landlord enthused about the chance to present his beers consistently and at their best in a small venue which felt like a proper pub (except the opening hours).

I may just have made a pre-emptive tick for GBG 2019.  No pressure, Erewash CAMRA.

Tomorrow – the 10,000th GBG pub


  1. Ooh love the Jardine mill and the Old Skool signwriting on the Tap!

    Yes I prefer my fresh ice straight from the tap, the frozen rubbish leads to choking I tend to find…

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    1. How much jewellery mix do you actually get for 20p? It is a confection I have never come across, Yorkshire mix is my mix of choice.

      I am unaware of any drink for which frozen ice is a good thing. It reduces temperatures to a level at which flavour can not be appreciated and in the case of soft drinks that require mixing, cause said mixing to be ineffective.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The big mill was always called Parrys and it is close to the Olympic pub.
    I went in the Coach and Horses a couple of years ago and the landlord was very keen on real ales and talking about them,so he has got his reward.
    I agree the Victoria or middle house is by far the best pub in Draycott,it has also lost two pubs the Travellers Rest a Marstons house and Rose & Crown a ex Bass house.
    Draycott mat be fairly close to Stapleford but it takes two bus rides to get there so not that quick like Ilson is.

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