Never look back” is my motto, which means never going back to a pub, unless it was so bad it was funny, or so good it’s in my Top 100.  Or its the Dancing Man Tap, for inexplicable reasons.

Platform Tavern.PNG

I really needed Mrs RM’s guiding influence on Friday, but of course she was packing light for Kerry. She may not have been a fan of the Platform Tavern’s colour scheme;


But she would have loved the pub. And not just because of the defaced picture of the Right Honourable Member of Parliament for Maidenhead (not shown for reasons of taste).

Cheery*, cosy and quirky, with a variety of customers you rarely get in town pubs.  On two previous visits after matches at St Marys I’d caught live music, which really boosts atmosphere and beer turnover.

It wasn’t much quieter at 6pm on Friday, and the pumps were still turning over nicely.


Despite having the Dancing Man brewery on-site and plenty of Fullers livery, the beer range is eclectic and you should never pass up on Track Sonoma.  Perhaps even enhanced by the Fullers glass, this had the coolness and consistency of a classic flat Bass, which is how I like it (NBSS 4).


On proper bench seating, with some proper blues playing at just the right volume, I needed nothing more from life.  Apart from Mrs RM, of course.  Nicking my beer.

This is a classic music pub, a great place to stock up on gig listings that feature bands you’ve never heard of.  The main bar was full of normal blokes; blokes in paint splattered overalls, hipster blokes, old blokes with music T-shirts.  The works.

I should have left after a pint, but I couldn’t.  For inexplicable reasons, I tried the unfiltered London Pride.  ON KEG. Decanted into the pint glass (of course), it was nectar.


And that would be enough to put the Platform in my Top 100.  But then there are the toilets.

What can I say ?  You can’t get in, you can’t get out.


The Platform would have in my great pub toilets post, but I didn’t have any photos.  I do now.

Ten points for identifying the cause of the marks on the right.  Keep it clean.


Some great toilet art as well.


It only took me seven minutes to get out this time.  I’ll crack it next time.

They were even playing Rockabilly Rebel when I left.  It’s that good.

*Very cheery, in fact.  Didn’t even complain under their breath when I only had a £20 note on me.


  1. There is clear wear to the woodwork in that part of the door. Therefore, I am going to suppose that the door has at previous points in history been red and blue and the spottled effect is caused by paint being worn off revealing previous colour schemes. I am either right or about to lose 10 points for giving the obvious wrong answer.

    Is there a way for us who don’t understand what taste is, let alone have any, to see the altered image of the lovely Mrs May. Sadly I don’t plan to return to Southampton until the Third Round of the League cup in 2035 when we will lose there after extra time due to the away goal rule.


  2. Just to point out that the Platform Tavern whist a fine pub is neither the site of the Dancing Man brewery, or its tap any longer. You need to walk a little way westward to the Wool House which has been the brewery & tap for a couple of years now. Well worth a visit next time you’re down here!

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    1. Thanks for clarification Tap. If you click on the words Dancing Man Tap you’ll get the link to the post on the Tap, which is what I was referring to in the Platform Post. As you say, well worth a visit 😁


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