If you were designing a Beer Guide entry from hell, a Conservative Club close to the Manchester United training ground in the beer desert that is Trafford would be a good effort. Proximity to the Trafford Centre would seal the deal.


Not many Bentleys in Flixton, just a pleasant suburb rejoicing in it’s first Beer Guide entry for a decade.


I would have lumped this note in with a post on, say, Stretford, but Flixton (or is it in (Urmston) deserves it’s day in the sun.

Clearly a club with a beer enthusiast as bar manager, they keep a very good drop of Pictish (NBSS 3.5). Luckily, I’m a fan of the Theakston glass.

While the four snooker tables and notices stuck to the walls clearly say “Club“, this could be any imposing suburban Holts pub. Which is a compliment.

Goodness knows what the economics of clubs like this are, with just me and a chap playing snooker against himself (the best way), and Sky TV showing Watford to no-one.

Now I know I would say this, wouldn’t I, but they were really nice people, being cheery with me and exceedingly patient with a chap organising a family wake.

I’m sticking to what I said last week about the GBG being for places open to all,but I’ve found few pubs as welcoming as Flixton CC.


  1. In the spirit of recommending nearby Sam Smith’s pubs, you could have tried the Railway Tavern. Now that, while very tastefully refurbished not too long ago, boasts some proper old-school pub customers 😉


  2. FFS this is getting worse,a con club,i am a life long Labour Voter and been a full member of the Labour party in the past,Manchester United and half and half scarfes,GBG entrance only and micro pubs.
    The only thing i detest not on that list is people leaving football grounds early,the wife and i always stayed to the death even if Arsenal were beating us 4 nil,if you are a true supporter you should back your team whatever the result,so never boo them and if behind get behind them to gee them up hopefully.

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    1. Alan, I am not allowed to comment on political issues, particularly of the party political kind, so I won’t.

      However, aside from the politics. that is a superb post. If you are going to bother going to the ground, stay there, stand up, sing your heart out for 90 minutes.There can be nothing more demoralising for players than seeing their own supporters buggering off when losing against a crap side. Actually that is wrong. Stoke City fans, when winning 3-1 against us which pretty well guaranteed them survival, buggering off as soon as the third goal was scored. Quite what their 11 players would have to do to generate the raucous support that club should be know for I do not know.


      1. Alan is spot on about most things, and particularly this. The Etihad looks half full at the final whistle, with folk who live 10 miles from the ground rushing to join a queue for the M62.


  3. Thank you for both of your kind comments about that post,
    We always got wound up if anyone in the Trent End started slagging Forest off at the slightest mistake and we told them to shut the *uck up and get behind them and sing your hearts out for the club.
    Football fans these days seem more middle class that they were in the late 70s, and 80s,so they probably have busier lifes than normal working class people like me and the wife.
    who is more busy an office worker sat behind a desk for 8 hours with probably an hour break or me who walks over two miles to work and then back every day,does a hard days graft and get filthy every day and have a 15 minute break during and eight and half hour shift.
    I am not moaning about my life as i am proud to be a working class person.

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