Our little M61 tour took us into the TK Maxx at a wet Bolton. Fen folk know how to live it up on Easter Saturday.


I have a lot of time for Bolton, particularly it’s northern suburbs like Doffcocker and Egerton.  But it’s looking a bit tired at the moment, though my youngest son could tell from the Town Hall there was a bit of money about once.


He was less impressed than me with the Dibnah statue, though.


With a crunch game against Bury coming up tonight that might seal their return to the Championship, promotion fever wasn’t much in evidence at the weekend.

All the excitement was in the Aquarium (free), where Terry (top) was pleased to see me again after 18 months absence.

The centre offers slim Beer Guide pickings compared to Horwich; just the historic Old Man & Scythe , the Ukranian Club and newbie Great Ale at the Market, which may look familiar to visitors to Manchester’s Arndale Food Market.


It was doing well too, and I had to stand to enjoy a Deeply Vale Red (£2.90) that was smooth and rather beautifully presented (NBSS 3.5).


Get up and Boogie” was playing, and it felt a bit of a cultural melting pot, in a way that your average micro-pub isn’t, as Pub Curmudgeon reflected here.

Sadly neither TK Maxx or the market could meet Matt’s footwear needs, so we had to stop in the hell that is the Trafford Centre to find a Vans Store. Luckily a 15 year old boy can buy clothes rather quicker than a 15 year old boy’s Mum.

Matt was now suited and booted for a gig at the 02 Ritz featuring Bury Tomorrow, Southampton’s finest melodic metalcore merchants.

The Ritz is conveniently placed for all of Manchester’s high-class drinking establishments.

Bury Tomorrow.PNG

Mrs RM and son 2 were given the option of waiting for us under the arches, or in the Salisbury.

but instead they opted for an evening of “Boris the Musical” at the Dancehouse.


I know who you’ll think had the better deal.

Because I know you youngsters (that’s you Mrs RM) like to know what I listen to, this is what Bury Tomorrow* sound like.

It’s also what I hear from about 7.25pm to 11.05pm most evenings, so sympathy please.

They certainly put on a loud show; by comparison the Pixies in ’89 sounded like Julienne and Ben the previous night in Preston.

Lead “vocalist” Daniel asked us to “Show me your middle finger“.  That’s not easy when you come from the Fens.

My hearing still hasn’t recovered.

*I hope you can see now what a brilliant blog title this is, my best since this one (which not even Dave understood).


  1. Martin, you can have my sympathy. That is a huge descent in posted Youtube music quality from Julienne yesterday.

    Is it a deliberate marketing ploy for Betfred to have their turf accountant’s office adjacent to the Dibnah statue?

    To get from the Ritz to the high class Manchester drinking establishment, I suggest a train from Occy Road to Piccadilly for a shorter walk to the Jolly Angler to see Ray. The fare, which is clearly cheap because it is in the north and the government must be right, is £1.80.

    My main market requirements in addition to the pub are a small piece of tasty and a butter pie.


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