I forgot to include the classic toilet art above in my posts; it comes from the worst pub of the month. Ten points for guessing it.

Some great road-trips in February, to exciting places like Daventry (return), Keighley (twice), Rochford and Newport.   In between some energetic uphill walking, six GBG counties were completed, finishing off most of the Home Counties.  In total, 49 new GBG pubs in February, which is nice.

The theme for the month was opening hours (sorry), though a few micro-pubs did stay open long enough for me to visit them.  Beer quality was good throughout.

Highlight of the Month – Getting my first serious abuse on this blog (for this post), and about time too.  I had to binge watch the Borgen Box Set to cheer myself up. The musical highlight came last night in Leeds (report tomorrow), and will stay with me for some time.

New Pub of the Month – The Tiny Rebel in Newport was the best mix of pubby atmosphere, wide mix of customers, quality cask & keg, and 1,500 calorie stodge.

I revisited some classics as well; the Brown Cow, Alehouse and Red Deer all getting a place in my coveted Top 100. Getting kicked out of the Alehouse at closing time, the first time I’d heard last orders in years, was a shock.

Beer of the MonthBlue Bee Pale in the Red Deer (NBSS 4.5) – falling in love with Sheffield daytime drinking all over again.

This is what an NBSS 4.5 looks like

Mrs RM drank the bottle of Dirty Katarina left over from the calamitous Dutch beer tasting session in January, and scoffed most of the scratchings in the Dove on Sunday.  What a constitution she has.  She’s my #PubMan of the Month.


Pub Cat of the Month – Reg in the Valley, Bishopston


Pub Rat of the Month – Sir Quinno’s branch mascot in Reading

Image result for large rat in room


Coming up in March I have a trip to the dentist (limited ticking there), Sunderland v City and some Teeside ticks at the weekend, French death metal, an evening in Fernhill Heath, and a Bathams Pub crawl with the legends that are Pub Curmudgeon and Liquid Len.

And this;

Stockport Stagger


15 thoughts on “FEBRUARY ’17 STOCKTAKE

      1. March isn’t looking too great either but I hope at least to do most of Wales (need 21 there but widely dispersed, 187 in total). April plans more promising if all goes well.


      2. I think you will knock spots off me this year Martin on the amount of new pubs done,
        I have only done 48 up to this date and have a crawl down London in March planned and Bristol in early April,but we had a lot of bad luck last week,first the washing machine packed up and we have now found out it is terminal,we have leak in the roof on the third floor of our house and the very long fence which we have in the garden, which was knackered before Doris arrived as finally given up and collapsed.
        So must save some money for all of that.


  1. I have just got introduced to your blog and I must say I look forward to your prolific and vastly varied locations that you visit and report on. Am I right in thinking and picked up on that you mainly get around the country in a camper van. Hopefully one day I will get to meet you on your travels. At the moment I am in Wigan and going to the beer festival this afternoon to judge some dark beers.


    1. Hello Tony. We use the campervan to visit places where there’s a lack of cheap B&Bs ! In Wigan I tend to stay at the new Premier Inn. Put “Wigan” in the Search facility at top left of blog to see how often I visit that great town. Love dark beers.


      1. Ah now I understand how you can get about to such diverse locations. Yes I agree Wigan is a great drinking city. The Docs Symposium is unusual in only being open Thursday to Sunday so hope to visit that today or tomorrow. Haha yes I am staying in the Wigan Premier Inn I don’t normally use these as they are to expensive for one person but it is a good rate here.

        Liked by 1 person

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