Just occasionally, you need to do a post just because the pun is staring you in the face.

The Rochford rumble is the sound of aeroplanes taking off from Southend airport, or my tummy as I look for an independent bakery and fromagerie before ending up at a Sainsbury local.

This is the new GBG pub, the Miley.


Except, of course, it isn’t new. It was called the Milehouse when I visited, not that I remembered that. It looks like a building site.


One old codger, one middle-aged codger (me) and one lady with baby on a Friday lunchtime, so hardly surprising the Billericay “Rock a bye baby” (coincidence) was barely OK.

Full of clutter and a piano you couldn’t quite reach. I think it’s a night-time pub, perhaps there should be a GBG symbol for pubs best visited after midnight. Simon will love it.

The town itself seems to have a statutory three GBG pubs, which seems a bit generous, though one of them is the quite brilliantly blokey Golden Lion, the best place in the world to drink Maldon Gold.


There’s a lot of weatherboarded buildings in Rochford, which promises more than it actually delivers. This being Essex, the lovely windows (top) now adorn the Antica Roma pizzeria.




4 thoughts on “ROCHFORD RUMBLE

  1. Surprised you didn’t go for the Tolly English Ale – don’t you know the complex mix of hops produce a balanced bitterness with strong tropical notes? You were obviously distracted by that stunning Billericay pump clip

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