“For the girl with the hour glass figure
Time runs out very fast
We used to want the same things but that’s all in the past”

Because I know how much you love Billy Bragg.

We’d set the day aside to visit a few micro-pubs in the suburbs of Dartford, but the freak emergence of a bright spherical object above the mountains led to a re-evaluation. You need to get a tan when you can in the Fens.

We walked the mile from Grantchester along the Cam into town, a stroll as dull as it was the second time we did it.

Just to prove I can appreciate tourist Cambridge, here’s the view from the Mill;


I had ambitions to try one of the new Cambridge openings that Pint and Pubs has been writing about, but Mrs RM likes the menu at Pint Shop, so that was as far as we got.

I like the Pint Shop as well, particularly the front bar, which does a good pastiche of a Sam Smiths pub.   I knew the lady wouldn’t let us eat lunch in the bar, but felt compelled to ask anyway, just so I could express indignation, just as I did when asked if we’d booked (we never book).

The restaurant at the back looks like a restaurant, but at least it had its own beer board.


You can see the pros and cons of Pint Shop at a glance there.  Some excellent beers at scary prices.  Mrs RM has gone over to the dark side, leaving me to fight for cask.

Obviously she had the Cloudwater, resisting the urge to ask for a pint.  Both that, the Marble and the Hopcraft were top-notch, thanks to careful decantation of the half into a pint glass.

The one advantage of the restaurant was the free entertainment. Alongside the other skinflint couples on the lunchtime “2 courses for a Tenner”, we had the joy of two old gents in the Cambridge uniform of cream pullover and purple trousers.

It was BRAPA heaven.

Shall we choose wine ?”

I think I’ll be reckless and have a pint of BEER  !!!

I don’t recognise ANY of them !!!”

Good Grief !  This one is 9% !!  Who would drink THAT !!!”  – both choose a pint of Anarchy Blonde

I was rather hoping I’d get him into masonry” – a worthwhile trade we thought

I’ve been nominated as the Grand Steward of the Lodge” – oh

The food and service was fantastic, properly cooked English food I couldn’t fault, reminding me a little of the Arden Arms for quality. Better value than the scotch eggs, too.

Even with prime location Cambridge rents, I can’t quite justify those prices, but I’d go again. The Pint Shop was packed when we left, which tells you all you need to know about Cambridge, or the £:Euro rate anyway.


As this was our tourist day, we then joined the Japanese and Italians in the haven of craft that is Fitzbillies, home of the famed Chelsea Bun, where we tried to log on to the MI6 Recruitment Wi-Fi but failed. I’ve seen worse beer lists.


20 thoughts on “VALENTINE’S DAY IS OVER

  1. I went to the Pint Shop on Valentine’s evening too, principally because the nearby Vietnamese restaurant doesn’t take bookings, which is perfect for those who left it too late to get in anywhere else. I resisted the urge to have a four-pint pitcher of the Cloudwater and stuck with the excellent Wild Child Saison and the Marble Mosaic, which was, as you say, top-notch (less so the bottle of Bia Hà Nôi in the restaurant but that’s my comeuppance)

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  2. A pedant writes: I’m sure that bottle of Sam Smith’s Lager is actually 355ml, not 335ml.

    One of your best efforts – I love the “two old gents in the Cambridge uniform of cream pullover and purple trousers” and their conversation 😀


    1. I’m sure you’re right too. I guess Fitzbillies can’t be in trouble for understating size ?

      The shared appreciation of the two gents pomposity was a touching moment, even if Mrs RM spoiled it slightly by tweeting “listen to that convo !” to me.


  3. I was in the Pint Shop last Sunday. Front bar with the 8 month old grandson, a staunch draught man. I fancied trying a pint of IPA No 2 from some brewery in Hackney, Hop something or other. When I tried it, it was a bit fizzy. Turned out that the barman had only heard the No 2 bit, so I got a pint of some keg lager, No 2 on the board. Such is life. At my age, I should stick to mild (remember that?)

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    1. I’m glad your grandson is a draught man.

      You highlight a problem when pubs want you to order by number; the Wellington in Brum is the same and there must be more beers with numbers in them.


  4. I offered to take the wife to our local Wetherspoons on Valentines day,but she declined,saying it would be too full with couples dining,i would rater go on Wednesday when the proper drinkers are in,we did pint and a half of Nottingham Legend and scampi chips and mushy peas for the wife and fish and chips for me was just over £14,lots more Nottingham legend and the wife ended up with a double bacardi and splash of coke i had another pint of Legend and just over £6.

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      1. You probably thought i had forgot about the village comment Martin,well i hav’nt as you well know it is not a village although we do have a village green and maypole that the locals dance around.
        Pleased you like our village Spoons,we really like it,one of the best i have done with quick service.


  5. Oh sorry, that really was unintentional, I must have seen the dancing round the maypole and just assumed it was a village. Least I didn’t call it a suburb.
    I’m sure you or Tom can explain why it’s a town.


    1. We have a town council with elected members and three seats in the Nottinghamshire county council elections,also a crap football club called Stapleford town with no proper ground,lots of terraced housing that you dont get in villages and blocks of low rise flats that look really dire to the North of the town centre,take a look at montrose court on street view and have a tour round the area you will see how bad it is.
      We also have reportedly one of the lowest car usage of any town in Nottinghamshire,probably due to the really good bus service.


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