A second interesting post by Pub Curmudgeon today, with some reflections on the qualities of “Ordinary Bitters“.  I take the view that almost any of the established Boring Bitters, Brown or otherwise, can veer toward greatness when expertly kept and served.

I’ve never had a great pint of Everards though.  Or a bad one. The Original was a star in the Anne of Cleves in Melton Mowbray years ago but that was when a 5.2% beer felt very daring, rather than the lightweight it is now. The great beers in Everards pubs tend to come from their Project William guests.

I’d never been to a Beer Guide pub in Long Buckby before either, as the WhatPub description for the King’s Head delightedly tells me this is the first entry ever for this large Northants village. I’ve never seen a more detailed description, or a fuller set of pub feature symbols, for a pub.  It only lacks an underground station.


There’s not a lot to say about Long Buckby itself though, with even the old motte and bailey totally obscured by new housing developments. Hopefully Dick and Dave are able to identify the most famous former resident from the title of this post.  They’re probably on their way to Washington right now to perform their Small Faces tribute act this Friday (joke, joke !).

Dick and Dave would like the Kings Head, a proper all-rounder of a village pub which maintains an unspoilt, flagstoned public bar, oddly shunned by the noisy villagers in favour of the lounge.  Everards do have some proper pubs in their estate, and this isn’t the only one with a Northants skittles table.  Best not to combine it with darts though.


Everards have joined the rebrand craze we all love so much, but I quite like the big words and bold colours.  A shame the advertised Tiger was off, as was the Lincoln Green.


The helpful barmaid recommended the seasonal (?) Cathedral. As so often the case, the special beer wasn’t a patch on the regulars, whether because honey seemed to be the main ingredient or lack of turnover (it was weaker than Tiger but priced higher).  The Bath Special was much better (NBSS 3), something I rarely say about Bath Ales.

The public bar is very relaxing, with just a couple and their dog enjoying their Guinness under the hunting prints.

An eclectic music selection moved seamlessly from “Raindrops are falling on my head” to AC/DC’s “Back in Black”, possibly a first time for that combination.

But the best thing here were the glasses – straight and chunky.  None of that jug nonsense for Everards.





  1. At first my mind went to Stan Laurel but did not stay there very long. Amazing what one can learn from your blog!

    I have a strong feeling you are correct about our liking the pub. I have had enough to also agree with your assessment of Everards.

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  2. Those Everards pumpclips aren’t exactly in tune with the modern trend towards “craft minimalism”.

    I cited Everards Beacon Bitter as one of those that could never really be thought to aspire to greatness. looks like a nice pub, though.

    I imagine many people only know of Long Buckby as it is the sole station on the railway line between Northampton and Rugby.


  3. I’m not a great fan of Everards Tiger although I have only tried it a few times in a Wetherspoon pub. It did taste one dimensional. Sadly I live a long way from an Everards pub to see if it tastes better there.

    I do think that Northamptonshire is one of England’s best kept secrets.

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  4. It’s interesting that you have not had a great Everards beer. Wadworth and Everard are two that I always really want to like, but rarely find them served well. Good but not great condition. Not really sure why that would be. We are off to perform with Stanley Unwin at the inauguration later this week. Our reality show presidency starts soon.

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    1. Everards are a good pub company, I just find their beer a bit, I dunno, foamy. Wadworth a different matter. Their 6X served flat at the Anchor in High Offley on Staffs as good as it gets. So it can be done. Had some good 6X last year as well.


    2. If you prefer, I would happily do a swap deal whereby you get Assem Allam as president of your country with Ehab as vice-president and in return we get Trump running our football club. Trump Out Silva Out will sound excellent I’m sure.

      The Everards pump clips lack uniformity. At a glance, the photograph appears to show beers (well, in this case three beers and a cider) from different breweries – there is no similarity between the two Everards clips.

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  5. I have done most of the Everard tied estate and been drinking it since the mid 80s when my wife to be was living in Leicester,though not from there,it is always Beacon,then Tiger and at a push Original for me when doing their pubs.
    I must be different to most drinkers as i love Wadworth beers and the Henrys IPA is my first choice when in one of their tied houses,i did Devizes just to do Wadworth tied houses and had 18 halfs of Henrys IPA one 6X plus a couple of other beers in none Wadworth pubs,a great day out in a nice town.


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