I’m told that Christmas Eve dinners in Poland take longer than Indian weddings, so I’m getting in today’s post early, just in case there’s no tomorrow.

At this time of the year, other blogs bring you the “best beers”, “best blogs” and “best pub cats“. No doubt Simon will bring you a best “olive thief” award at some point.

I’m planning a series of posts on pub architecture, signage and graffiti for my own enjoyment, but Poland is in a league of its own. No idea why; the people aren’t that wacky.  I can only presume that all the Polish students who ever went to Manchester to visit the Temple of Convenience came home to run a bar with a quirky toilet.

Fractal, Mikolow

I’ve found the street art a bit lacking, but the toilets are where the action is, so to speak. Stand-out is the student bar above, which saved us a trip to the Modern Art Gallery in Katowice.

Disappointingly, Mrs RM wasn’t prepared to take some shots in the ladies for me. That looked even better.

The other art of note was in the nearby Craft Beer Bar (review to follow), though that was rather less original in inspiration.  The Batman stuff I get, this ominous sign on the door I don’t.

What do we know ?

And the ubiquitous uni-sex WC sign at least was clear by now.


Metropolitan Krakow was even better/worse.  Uber-craft café QLTI had this in the Uni-Sex loos, bewildering even the young Mancs on a craft crawl. At least the loo signs are instructive.


Please don’t translate

I trust that’s made your Christmas.


  1. That’s pretty great stuff. Follow this one up with a xmas eve dinner description. At least one person is curious what can make the meal last that long.


    1. Err, it didn’t. Will write it up but all over within 90 minutes. Entirely fish based, as Polish Christmas apparently fish based. Put us off watching the Finding Dory DVD.

      Have you been to Poland ?


      1. I have not. Your W/C post makes me curious though. Quite different seeming. Interesting it is all fish based. Never would guess that.


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