We’re in Poland with some friends from our Cambridgeshire village, staying at their flat near Katowice, which sounds very middle class.
Other folk flew, missing out on tram/hat-Gate in Krakow, and a great border town in Gorlitz.

Timing it just right, or wrong, we missed their Christmas markets by a day, but the old town still sparkled.

This is the sort of place with sloping cobbled streets round every corner, a mini-Bergamo or Kortrijk perhaps.

Unlike those towns, bars were in short supply but the old cafe on Untermarket produced a good Landskron from the town for Mrs RM, and another dull applschorle for me. You do get decent beer on tap in nearly every German cafe.

No craft in sight, but with modern street art like that it can’t be far off. Perhaps if we’d crossed the stone bridge into Poland we’d have found it, but that was excitement too much.

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