It’s raining micropubs in Essex, though in Billericay this is as much the Tap and bottle shop as micro.


Billericay Brewing is in a prime spot behind the Waitrose, allowing a division of labour between buying Tzatziki and 7% IPAs if there’s two of you. The Tap Room is functional but pleasant, and you’ll struggle to escape cheery conversation with the staff. That’s both the pro and the con of micros I suppose.


The Rhythm Stick was pretty perfect (NBSS 4), but Mrs RM tells me the bottle of Raisins to be Cheerful I took her back was even better. The inspiration of Justin Mason , who I would like to have given my own beer-tasting notes (ahem) but Mrs RM’s “full bodied” and “mmmm” will have to do Jason.

It seems churlish to state that Ian Dury was born in Harrow.

It’s hard to capture beer quality in photos, so I’ll just say it’s worth a trip to Billericay Brewery for the banter.  It’s even open longer hours than the Beer Guide suggests, which is a first.  I have mixed feelings about micros in the Beer Guide, but I can’t argue with beer of this quality.  The nice man offered me a tour of the brewery, which I declined.  I know my limits.

More controversially, I’ll say that Billericay is better to walk round than neighbouring Brentwood, with much more Essex than London overspill feel.  Both the Coach & Horses and Railway are the sort of traditional locals that Brentwood lacks, and the other pubs in the High Street look equally attractive.


The Spoons is more functional, and had some fairly potent strength cask on for the professional drinkers mid-week.  Cornish beers (Wooden Hand here) seem to have completely taken over Essex.  Dickie next to me was sticking to the Abbot.


  1. What is your favorite Essex town or village? If not on the coast, what is your favorite Essex coastal town or village? Specifying town or village to keep Tom happy. Would any rate higher than Bury St Edmunds and the Dove?


      1. I would guess most people my age would have heard the hit “Sex, and Drugs…” You made me think of the song. I cannot recollect the last time I heard that played. Long time I am thinking.

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  2. Enjoyed your post, but just to let you know the beer in called Raisins To Be Cheerful, a play on Reasons To Be Cheerful by Ian Dury and the Blockheads, and many of the beers are named after their songs.
    Nearly six pounds of raisins were used in the brew along with plenty of dark malt. Although it had a good reception it wasn’t quite as planned and a new version (Part 2) will be brewed soon.
    I have to confess to a very personal reason for correcting you as well as both the beer and the name were both my idea. I’m so pleased your wife liked it.


    1. Hi Justin, Apologies, post corrected and my congratulations for the beer. I meant to photograph the bottle and tweet you in (?) but obviously the recycling van beat me to it !

      All the best.


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