I will get back to cheery posts very soon, but I’m trying to keep this blog roughly chronological, so sorry Newport.

My relationship with the City (really ?) has always been up and down, despite the array of budget hotels that draw me back again and again.  In 2010 I took my Dad to watch the Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor, on a day when it rained so hard we almost felt sorry for the Americans slipping down the side of the hill.

Dad’s main recollection of the trip is the breakfast in one of what seemed to be a succession of Wetherspoons, which is telling. My highlight was the Murenger House, one of Sam Smith’s finest.  I was looking forward to a return.


Inevitably, it was closed on Sunday afternoon, as was much of central Newport. That meant I had the city to myself, which was frankly a bit spooky, even in the brightest sunshine you could hope for.

Me looking into shops that were closed

Surely the Tiny Rebel Tap House would be open though, serving brioche bunned burgers to beardies ?

No, nor the traditional town centre Lamb.  And that promised Bass.

The Wetherspoons were open though, so I hadn’t stumbled upon a post-devolution reintroduction of Sunday closing.

I suppose I should have known.  After all the Good Beer Guide and WhatPub said the two newbies would be open. What do people do in Newport on Sunday ?  (don’t answer that,  particularly if it involves the transporter bridge).

I think the answer may involve patios.


I made my way to the station, via the attractive underpass (no street art).

De de de de-de, de de de de-de  etc

Cardiff more than made up for it though.

NB I’ll be back in Newport soon to do it justice.


  1. My quiz answer, which could well lose me 10 points, is that one of the prongs of the sign is pointing towards the wall with the engraved artwork. I just hope it doesn’t lead to a subway, although the road looks a little low.

    I will recognise Newport as a city when I am installed as queen of an independent Monmouthshire. Until then, it is a town.


      1. I can’t make out the two white backed pieces, but two things strike me as odd. Firstly, the red arrow pointing straight up seems optimistic for the average pedestrian. Secondly, is seems counter intuitive for the sign for the railway station to be pointing away from the mural with the picture of a train.


      2. I just checked it myself. The error is clearly visible and I’m astonished not noticed. Also hinted at in my blog. Incidentally, the signage is the worst I’ve come across in any UK town. I couldn’t find the station for 10 minute, and I’d been there 3 times before.


  2. It is a city, I believe on the say so of some old biddy from Windsor, however the sign says town centre. If the daft old bat is right, the sign should read ‘Canol y ddinas’.

    Of course, in reality the sign is right because Newport is a town.

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