Just a quick post to prove I’m alive and haven’t been murdered by Erlanger Nick for pronouncing Zoigl wrong.

Posts on Fingerboarding and Philip Bailey to come but wifi is rubbish in rural Franconia, and I’m not humouring Matt by sepnding any longer in Bayreuth’s McDonalds.

Munchberg was a decent stop, all pretty churches and winding cobbled streets, but devoid of that essential – kebab shops (let alone Chinese takeaways).

The local Helles was decent enough though, but bizarrely our hotel was closed for refreshment at 9pm last night. More excitement in Frinton on Sea on Saturday night.


5 thoughts on “THE REAL FRANCONIA

  1. Rural Norfolk isn’t much better at the moment. Been unable to get a meal in either of Swanton Morley’s pubs, and I could eat the proverbial dead donkey right now!


    1. My sympathies. Finding a kebab or Indian/Chinese takeaway not a problem in Tonbridge (or Nurember). Contrast in life between small town and big city Franconia is qquite something.


  2. It’s a strange thing, that those of us using German Telekom can travel to the UK and get on the mobile internet network there for 3€ a day, but so many of you Britons seem to have trouble getting on the mobile internet network down here. Especially because WiFi in taverns, cafés, and restaurants is nearly non-existant here (thanks to ridiculous laws holding WiFi providers liable for any users’ abuses), and the mobile internet coverage (even LTE, often in small towns) so relatively much better than what I’ve found in England.

    Thanks for getting round to some interesting places that I’d never have thought to get to.


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