I spent an afternoon in Penryn with my sister.  It almost links up with big brother Falmouth now, but has its own distinct atmosphere. While Falmouth is increasingly an odd mix of upmarket retirement housing and modern bars, Penryn still retains a quieter feel more reminiscent of a pleasant Isle of Man coastal town.

There are still great river views, but the standout for me are the many steep and narrow roads flowing down from the High Street.  Longer walks towards Mylor Bridge are well worth the effort.

With Falmouth University sharing the train station, Penryn does have a number of artists studios dotted around, and the odd sign of gentrification such as an artisan farm shop and decent coffee houses.

Pubwise, the Seven Stars (another one) is a basic ale house I need to revisit.  We opted for the uncompromising King’s Arms though, without even consulting WhatPub.

It was fantastic.  A proper sports pub in every sense. Only Directors, Westons cider (excellent) and shots of the day to tempt you, but that was more than enough.


Mid afternoon it was doing very decent trade, all drinkers, and I had to be pushed to return to the modern world.  Not exactly National Inventory, but you rarely find so much of interest in one pub. Fans of 1980s snooker legends (visitors from the club next door) will be particularly impressed, as will video gamers. You could get lost in here.

Truly a pub for everyone, whatever you think of the merits of games machines.  Add that 80/ from local Rebel Brewery to the pumps and I’d want to live there.

7 thoughts on “VARIETY IN PENRYN

  1. Just stumbled across your blog. Keep up,the good work. In the early 90’s the Kings Arms was the first pub that I tried a beer that I actually enjoyed. I was 23 with a mate who introduced me to the joys of Newquay Steam Bitter, and the walk back up the steep high street after several pints. Happy days. Winces then I’ve tried many more but always remember the Kings Arms, Penryn and Steam bitter with much affection.


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