Our short cruise ended in Cozumel, a large Mexican island famous for its diving.  We’d been hoping to take the passenger ferry to visit the sea turtles on the mainland, but rough seas intervened.

We ended up snorkelling at the Chankanaab park, which has some good snorkelling and a friendly lizard I’m sure I remembered from our previous trip.  It’s a well-run place, although I have reservations about the sea-lion and dolphin shows. The crystal-clear seas enable you to see dozens of types of fish, and acquire sunburn very quickly.


After a few days of cruise ship food, the spicy and messy Mexican tapas at the main café was very welcome, if not at the bargain prices of Cuba.


The beer menu stretched to the products of Heineken Mexico –  Sol, Dos Equis and a fairly tasteless but refreshing Tecate.  Made a change from drinking out of the bottle.

Cozumel apparently has a specialist beer bar near the museum, but I missed that, and this trip has been pretty much all about the usual suspects.  Mainland Mexico is high on my list for further exploration.

On the Cruise itself, the beer range was extensive but entirely predictable, and at £4 a 330cl bottle easy to resist.  I did spot this rarity though:-


Most of the passengers on this MSC cruise were Spanish, with a handful of English snapping up bargain rates for the first trip from Havana for this Italian operator.  Heineken is the beer of choice, but wine and coffee dominates.

Enough of holiday snaps; I’m glad to be back in the rain for Tryanuary.  Mrs RM is looking at Uzbekistan for next Christmas though.


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