There must be a few people apart from me attempting to visit every pub in the current Beer guide (as opposed to a static edition from the 1980s), but they’re hard to find.

I’ve just stumbled on Simon Everitt’s newish blog detailing his own quest, and it’s a joy. Full of detail about his journeys to pubs around the country, with plenty of praise and criticism for some well known pubs.  The atmosphere and welcome, particularly to drinkers in a dining pub, is as important as the beer.

You can read here about the pain and pleasure of the new Beer Guide reducing your ticks by a third, realising you just went to the wrong pub, and the mental agonies of deciding whether to visit a micro-pub not in the Guide yet.  Fever Pitch had a flimsier plot than this.

Readers in Stockport and Middlesbrough in particular will find articles of interest, and I thought only I blogged about Leighton Buzzard !


Link below:

Hopefully Simon and his mates won’t  still be planning a trip to tick Wembley’s pubs later this season after tomorrow night though




  1. Very interesting – he doesn’t pull his punches, does he?

    Have to say I agree with his comments on the Arden Arms – lovely pub, but should not be reserving all tables for diners. But he enjoyed the Boar’s Head.


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