My 2nd Top 100 pub is probably the one I’m keenest to revisit, as soon as I can get Ryanair flight prices and 3 clear days aligned. I’ve been reading reports from Dusseldorf from City fans en route to Monchengladbach for the match who have been raving about the Alstadt pubs, and feeling very jealous.

Zum Uerige is one of Dusseldorf’s many brewhouses, and serves the one beer, a dry, copper coloured Alt.  The pub looks even older than it is, and is absolutely gorgeous, it’s many rooms each with their own bustling character.  The tap room (top picture), with it’s enormous barrels from which the beer is poured, the finest.


Beer is subjective, but I rate the Alt as the best beer I’ve ever tasted (strangely reminding me of Sam Smiths at it’s best).  Only serving one beer from wooden barrels has it’s advantages, as does a price of £1.40 a glass.

Having raved about the interior, the only way to really appreciate this pub is from the street on an evening, when standing tables appear and barrels are brought outside, as the whole of central Dusseldorf comes alive with thousands of well-behaved drinkers.


Even my son appreciated the attraction of the city, and we paid a return visit on our North Germany trip this summer just to reconfirm how great it is, and to fill up on the equally amazing ice cream.

NB Those two other photos most definitely aren’t Uerige, but they are Dusseldorf/


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