Judging by how busy many of our coastal resorts have been on recent visits (Hastings stood out), Britain is going through a tourism boom. Whether this is due to pensioners taking more short breaks out of season, better weather (?) or good promotion, one consequence seems to be less budget hotels available at discount prices.

I’ve always expected to find rooms with Travelodge or Premier Inn for under £30, often less than £20, but those days seem to have gone. There are a few cheap options though they are often shared facilities. Sunday night stays, generally the cheapest night, are easier now I’ve retired, and street parking easier.

Wetherspoons have developed their collection of hotels to include some sites in our less visited towns e.g. Leighton Buzzard, Wigan and shortly Sittingbourne. I’ve had good experiences at the Spoons hotels I’ve stayed at, though single rooms are a bit pricy.


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