There was much criticism of the sustainability of Millennium funded projects (Earth Project and the Public primary exhibits) but they certainly produced a range of cultural developments that got me exploring industrial towns throughout from 2000 on.

It has sometimes seemed to me that in Scotland new cultural attractions have been hogged by it’s big 2 cities. I was therefore delighted to see that Falkirk, between the two, has made a great circuit of it’s new and old glories.

The Kelpies are as wonderful close up as they are from the Motorway, and in light drizzle were attracting visitors from overseas as well as locally.

Across town, the established Wheel is a piece of mechanical beauty, on a canal site now full of water based fun.

Falkirk has now got it’s act together by running a dedicated bus between these sites and its older attractions. I can vouch from experience for the quality of the Deuchars in the Wheatsheaf too.

2 thoughts on “FALKIRK REBORN

  1. Those two horses heads very much remind me of the centaur and bull sculptures on roundabouts of the Uttoxeter bypass ( the new one ) that t’other Mudgie’s will surely know about.

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