Welcome to my little blog



I started this blog, cautiously at first in July 2015. It’s a blog for my own enjoyment, written as a diary of my post-retirement travels (sometimes with Mrs RM and two sons in tow) and a way of encouraging people to visit new places, mainly in the UK. My favourite cities are Manchester, Nuremberg, Ghent and Havana.


I’m trying to visit all the pubs in the current Good Beer Guide (GBG), but also follow Manchester City and go to a lot of gigs (e.g. Julien Baker, Low, Car Seat Headrest).



Don’t take it too seriously (many people do), but don’t assume I’m joking when I tell you Nuneaton is a great town.  All comments and Chinese takeaway tips very welcome.


Martin Taylor

4 thoughts on “Welcome to my little blog

  1. Did you really think you would get to 2,000 posts and an avid regular readership when you wrote this opening salvo ?
    Interesting that the underlying style is the same, but as you have grown in confidence it has developed – such as the captions that now appear under each illustration.
    I’ll raise a glass to the next 1,000 posts !

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    1. Cheers Fred. I think you tend to develop technical skills as you go (Pub Curmudgeon) and tend to write in a way that reflects the regular readers, even though the blog is clearly a diary written for my own entertainment. See also: BRAPA’s development from 2014 onwards.


  2. Was that ‘the Drink of the Empire. Bass’ picture taken in the jolly sailor, Macclesfield ?
    The first but by no means the last time Bass has featured on here.


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