Top 10 Schnitzel & Kölsch Pubs – Brauhaus Päffgen

Right, I found my mouse, I may have (temporarily) fixed the boiler, I need to catch up on the posts. Here’s the last one from Cologne. 4th November 2022. “A European Must Visit” said Ron Pattinson in his Guide to Cologne, which sounds like a recommendation to me. Dave loved it too, and so did… Continue reading Top 10 Schnitzel & Kölsch Pubs – Brauhaus Päffgen


“What are your favourite physical activities or exercises ?” asks Word Press this morning, somehow imagining me lost for inspiration to write about. The answer, clearly, is walking between pubs or other houses of social or cultural value, whatever they may be. Another 20,000 steps on Day 3 of the Cologne trip. 3rd November 2022.… Continue reading STOOD BEFORE PETERS (BRAUHAUS)


Beautiful, cultured, sophisticated Lubeck.  Home to one of the best run of basic pubs since the Offerton crawl last year left Mrs RM in a state of shock. After four nights in a Danish Youth Hostel, my good lady went upmarket with this booking as prices dropped sharply in Germany.  Even so, the Phoenix Hotel looked… Continue reading LEMMY’S IN LUBECK