I’ve been tackling Greater Manchester in singles and the odd scampered two ticks, a bit like Chris Tavaré approaching a T20 target of 189. The next one is in the mysterious area between Greater Stockport and Tameside. In fact, it’s practically on the border (“the Stockport side” confirmed the landlord of the Arden Arms). I… Continue reading STOCKPORT’S “OTHER” ARDEN ARMS

“THIS is what beer should taste like, son”

“I’m famished” said Matt. Yes, it would have been a good idea to eat before starting a session. But as Pub Curmudgeon has noted before, Stockport is a bit lacking in culinary options (particularly on a Monday with the outside dining only restrictions), and top cafe Where The Light Gets In was unexpectedly closed following… Continue reading “THIS is what beer should taste like, son”