May 2023.

Tallinn was eerily quiet as the clock ticked past 11.

But apparently there’s a few places that don’t go to bed early with a cup of Ovaltine or Estonian equivalent.

Koht seemed to have the some of the highest scores in Europe on Rate Beer,

As a craft beer nerd this is the place you want to hang. Great selection of beer. Use Untappd for the menu! Don’t come here if you want macro tasteless lager. You will not get it.

and you know how much of a craft beer nerd I am.

Tucked away in a small alley near the central square, both the little outside courtyard area and the cellar like bar were heaving with young folk, none of whom seemed very nerdy.

It was gorgeous, and cramped, and confusing. The taps were all over the place, and the beer list appeared to be a series of posters stuck to the wall.

Mrs RM nabbed a low table near the bar, reached for her phone to load Google transalate, and then demanded I get “one of those flights”.

Now, I’m not one for flights, more a “pint’s a taster” man, but I always do what my beloved asks.

“Could I have a flight please ?”

“Which beers would you like ?”

“Can you choose them ?”

“NO !!! I have eighteen (18) taps. You must choose them off Untappd”.

I was taken aback, and said something about not using Untappd.

Mrs RM intervened, but by this time the two lads sitting at the bar were in hysterics at the landlady dealing with the ignorant pleb who didn’t use Untappd and probably wanted “something like Heineken“.

“Can we have a Double IPA, an Imperial Stout, a sour… ” said Mrs RM, at which point our host softened a bit and came out with a tray of quite stupendous beer.

It was so good, in fact, I had a look at Untappd and picked the Black Bean Stout.

“Ah ! You have learned to read !” said our host.

I wasn’t quite sure whether to laugh or take violent offence.


  1. For a second I thought those knees were a huge pair of boobs ! Think I would have run away in fear from this place -way out of my comfort zone.Tallin looks interesting though & after I told my husband where you are ,he wants to go now.Add it to the list of places we will probably never make it to

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