May 2023.

An Essex special to start the week, though I fear these three (3) posts will disappoint those of you (Hi, Dave) looking for photos of church naves and castle mounds.

Plenty of those in Rayleigh, but on another flying visit you only get pics of upside down Union Jacks,

and a modern beer bar name generated by ChatGPT. Someone asked me once if BRAPA was made up and now we know that his “tales” are completely generated by ChatGPT.

Is Crafty Casks a micro pub ?” asks no-one.

Well, Crafty Casks is a small pub, independent and serves high quality local beers,

so that’s all part of the “micro model”.

But it also serves cocktails, plays music at a decent volume,

and sells a pastry sours and Brentwood’s Falcon Punch, “a tropical IPA with continual punches of passionfruit, mango and lychee”.

And honestly, I don’t care what they (or you) call it.

This being Essex, I bet you can guess my NBSS score.

Lovely place, and the toilet signage shows others with their pictures of foxes and squiggles how to do it.

Right, one left in Essex. Chelmsford awaits.


      1. I was in the vicinity at Shenfield due to railway interests. So I extended my journey out to Rayleigh for the Spoons tick.

        I had previously done Crafty Casks on Wednesday 30 November 2022, but missed out on Rayleigh Spoons due to unforeseen circumstances.

        The pint in Spoons was fine, but a repeat visit to Crafty Casks was in order.

        Called in the Green Dragon and Hutton Junction at Shenfield on the return.

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  1. Does the NBSS score depend on the county? When did that rule come into force?

    Anyway, for that “beer” you should be using the National Fruit Juice Scoring System: “continual punches of passionfruit, mango and lychee” indeed.


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